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Advanced Technology MSS1500

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Weight: 8.00 pounds

Product Description

Turn your Surplus Mauser into a Scout Rifle!

Features a built-in Weaver scope mount (can use a scout type scope), sure-grip textured forend pad, sling swivel stud and 3M soft touch cheekrest pad for improved comfort when shooting. 

The Scorpian non-slip recoil pad absorbs recoil impact.  Shooting any load size can now be done with no pain being transferred to the shooter.  Reduces the challenge to reacquire the target by minimizing the muzzle lift, not affected by chemicals, remains flexible in extreme temperatures and removes limitations from spring and piston type recoil suppression systems.

Manufactured in the USA of DuPont Extreme Temperature glass reinforced polymer. Weatherproof, scratch resistant and easy drop-in installation.

Fits:  Standard bent bolt, large-ring, German K-98, Czech VZ-24, Yugo 48/48A, Turkish 1903/1937/1938/1946, etc. 7mm or 8mm caliber.

Will not fit:  large ring Swedish M38/M96 6.5x55 or small ring Mauser.  Must convert straight bolt or "wide arc" bolt Mausers to Bent bolt with the Conversion Bolt Handle to use a standard scope. This must be bought separately. This item number is ATMBH1800.

Note: Hidden aluminum barrel clamps secure scope mount. Steel plate molded into nylon mount.

Some Minor Modification may be Required.
**Will Fit 98's ONLY!

Mauser 98 Stock Installation Guide

Step 1: Begin by removing the barreled action from the existing stock. Using a small punch drive out the retaining pin from the rear sight and then tap the spring toward the front sight and lift out the rear sight. Place the barreled action into the ATI Mauser stock.

Step 2: Once the barrel is seated into the ATI stock turn the stock on its side and using a phillips head screwdriver, the provided ¼” lock washer, and the original action mounting screw, tighten.

Step 3: Note: The recoil lug spacer allows this stock to fit various Mausers. After completing step 2, observe the oblong hole in the stock and check for gap. If the gap in the oblong hole is to the rear, then the recoil spacer must be installed.

Step 4: Remove the spring and follower from the old trigger guard/magazine and place the spring inside the mag well with the shell follower face up. Next install the top cover to the stock body.

Step 5: Using a phillips head screwdriver and the provided (2) #6 x 7/8” phillips head screws, tighten the top cover to the stock body.

Step 6: Turn your firearm over and using a phillips head screwdriver and the provided (2) #8 x 2” sheet metal screws, tighten the stock body to the top cover.

Step 7: Reinstall the rear action mounting screw. To install the optional cheek rest pad, locate the most comfortable position on the stock. Use tape to hold in the correct position and using a 9/64” drill bit, drill 2 holes through the check rest. Using the (2) provided screws tighten the cheek rest to the stock to complete your installation.

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