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Advanced Technology MBH1800

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This Mauser Bolt Handle converts straight bolt or wide-arc bolt to a Bent Bolt, which is necessary for mounting a scope. A Wide-Arc bolt measures greater than 1.25" from the flat surface of the stock to the top of the bolt handle. Includes drill bit, tap, hardware and instructions. Made of stainless steel in the USA. Limited lifetime warranty. Fits most Mauser 98 Rifles including Swedish.

Mauser Bolt Handle Installation Instructions

1: Remove the entire bolt from the rifle. Place the bolt in a vise leaving the bolt handle extending out.

2: Refer to Figure 1, use a hack saw to cut the existing handle at the dotted line. The point is where the round of the handle meets the square portion. Note: Cut off the handle as square as possible.

3: Refer to Figure 2, use a metal file to clean up an burrs and file a small radius around the end of the remaining bolt handle.

4: Place the new bolt handle at the end of the remaining bolt handle stub and check for fit. Refer to Figure 2, lightly file all 4 sides slightly more than 1/8” down from the top and file a small radius on the outside corners. Again, check for fit. Repeat the above process until the new bolt handle fits on the remaining stub. Note: You want a tight fit to eliminate any movements to the new handle when installed.

5: With the new bolt handle fitted on the remaining stub, use a center punch to mark the dead center of this spot.

6: Use the supplied drill bit (#5- .205) and drill a hole ½” deep. Thread this hole with the tap supplied (1/4-20).

7: Place the new bolt handle back on the stub and use the ½-20 x 3/8” stainless steel screw supplied. Tighten securely. Note: To prevent this screw from loosening use LOC-TITE or similar adhesive on the threads.

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