Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long has Galati International been in business?

A. Since 1983. Galati International is a family owned business located south of St. Louis Missouri.

Q. Does Galati International have a retail store?

A. No, Galati International does not have retail store. Orders need to be placed online, over the phone or through the mail. Arrangements for order pick-ups must be made in advance at our warehouse near Cook Station MO.

Q. Do you charge shipping again when you ship out back-orders?

A. No, we only charge shipping on the initial order. If an item(s) is on back-order when we ship out your initial order, there will be no additional shipping charge when we ship out the remaining part of your order. If items are added to the back-order, additional shipping charges may be added if needed.

Q. Can I return an item?

A. Yes, we understand it is sometimes hard to order the correct items online. Our full shipping and return policy is listed here. Please be aware that if the shipping carrier delivers your order to you, we will not get a refund on shipping from that carrier. So, we cannot issue a refund on the shipping amount if you return an item. Also, if you return an item and chose Economy Shipping when you ordered, we will deduct the actual shipping charge if it is greater than what we charged you to ship.

Q. Why does Galati International only ship to addresses associated with my credit/debit card?

A. To protect our customers and ourselves from credit card fraud, we prefer to ship to the bill to address associated with your credit/debit card. If you must ship to a different address, then we require the ship to addresses to be on file with your credit card company as an alternate shipping address. Most credit/debit cards will keep this information on file.

Q. Why is there a $8.50 Handling Charge on certain orders?

A. Due to fraudulent orders and stolen packages, we require a signature upon delivery on orders over a certain amount. This helps protect ourselves and our customers from fraudulent activity,

Q. Why is there a $8.50 Ammo Charge and a limited number of shipping options?

A. Due to shipping regulations, we can only ship Ammunition FedEx Ground or UPS Ground. There is also a $8.50 sur-charge as a signature is required when the ammunition is delivered and cannot be left unattended.

Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. Yes, we do ship internationally. However, we cannot ship gun magazines and many gun parts outside of the United States. We ship most international orders priority mail. All countries have different restrictions, insurance restrictions and box size regulations, so please contact us for a shipping quote.