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Mosin Nagant Bolt Handle. Polished stainless steel bolt handle includes assembly hardware, complete instructions, drill bits, and tap. Fits most round and hex receivers.  
Note: Due to the large production quantities and variations of this rifle as well as the manufacturing principles used during the production period some modification may be needed. If you do not possess the equipment or skill set necessary for installation, we recommend that an accredited gunsmith completes the installation process.

Made in the USA

Mosin Nagant Bolt Handle Installation Instructions

Step 1: Remove the bolt assembly from the action by squeezing the trigger and pulling out towards the rear.

Step 2: To disassemble the bolt, grasp the bolt handle, pull rearward and turn the cocking piece ¼ turn to the left, making sure the bolt guide bar remains intact. The bolt head and guide bar slide will remove by sliding them forward off the bolt assembly, exposing the firing pin.
Note the position marks at the rear of the bolt, this aligns the firing pin depth correctly and must be returned to the same position for safe operation.

Step 3: Mark the bolt hand base with a marker or paint, measure upward 3/16” (.1875”) on the knob shank from the base of the bolt and scribe a line.

Step 4: Clamp the bolt in a padded vise with the bolt handle upward, re-check the 3/16” measurement, leaving room for finish filing. Cut off bolt handle.

Step 5: For “non-stepped” press the ½” spacer inside the ATI bolt handle. If “stepped” the bolt handle does NOT require a spacer. Place the ATI bold handle over the knob on the original bolt.

Step 6: Mark the hole location then using the larger #11 drill, carefully “spot drill” area for mounting screw, just deep enough to create a centered starting point.

Step 7: Using the supplied #21 (smaller) drill bit, drill through the center of the bolt forging. (Cutting Oil Recommended)

Step 8: Still clamped, use 10-32 tap, and tap the hole drilled into the bolt. Deburr and thoroughly clean the bolt and handle.

Step 9: Place the ATI bolt handle in place on the bolt, install and tighten the supplied 10-32 countersunk machine screw. Use of thread lock is Recommended.

Step 10: To assemble the bolt, place the bolt and bolt guide bar back onto the bolt assembly. Grasp the bolt handle pull rearward and turn the cocking piece ¼ turn to the right, making sure the bolt guide bar remains intact and lined up with the bolt assembly.

Step 11: Reinstall the bolt assembly by squeezing the trigger and pushing the bolt into the barreled action.

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