Wilson Combat Officer Full-Length Guide Rod

Wilson Combat Officer Full-Length Guide Rod

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Wilson Combat 25CO

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There probably isn't a pistol that benefits more from a Full Length Guide Rod conversion than the Officers Model. First of all, you receive the typical reliability and accuracy improvements which are inherent with a two piece full length guide rod.  Then we replace the failure prone stock plug with a highly reliable reverse plug and a single 24# spring.  The result is a drastic improvement in performance.  
The Colt Officers Model and Para Ordnance P12 require a slight modification to the slide for installation (instructions included).

Package includes:  Full-Length Guide Rod, Plug, 24# Recoil Spring & Allen wrench. 

For the Colt Officers Model, Lightweight Officers Model, 1991 A1 Compact, Officers Model Enhanced and Para-Ordnance P-12.  

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