Wilson Combat Government Full-Length Guide Rod


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Wilson Combat 25G

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Product Description

Full-Length Guide Rod and Plug

Package Includes: Full-Length Guide Rod and Plug

The one-piece stainless-steel full-length guide rod will make your 1911 operate and cycle smoother. The guide rod extends recoil spring life, improves cycling and overall operation, extends life of slide to frame fit, and can improve barrel to slide fit and accuracy on older military 1911s.

This guide rod replaces your stock recoil guide without pistol modification.  Assembly and disassembly are the same as with stock components (however, a bushing wrench is required).


Fits: Government/Gold Cup A, F, J, K, N, O & P
Wilson 1996 A2
Springfield Armory 1911A1
Military 1911/1911A1
Auto Ordinance 1911A1
Norinco 1911A1
Caspian 1911A1
Safari Arms Matchmaker
Caspian Hi-Cap
Strayer-Tripp-Voigt 2011
Para Ordinance P14
Colt Gold Cup and Double Eagle
AMT Hardballer

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