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Leapers UTG MTU053SSM

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Product Description

The UTG PRO Super Slim M-LOK AK Handguard from Leapers is a two-piece drop-in design requiring no permanent modification. It is constructed from durable matte black anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum.

The modular top end mounts included 9 slot picatinny rail section or docter footprint MRDS plate for optic installation. It has a total of 15 M-LOK slots. This AK Handguard is compatible with most Romanian, Chinese, and US AK Pattern Rifles.

The barrel clamp assembly, reflex sight adapter plate, 9-slot picatinny rail section assembly, T20 torx wrench, T15 torx wrench, and users manual are all included.

Material: Aluminum
Pieces: 2
Rail Type: M-LOK
Length: 6.20"
Width: 1.61"
Height: 2.63"
Recommended Torque: 20 in-lbs/ 25 in-lbs/ 12 in-lbs
Thread Specification: #10-24/ #8-32/ #6-48

Leapers, Inc. warrants that all UTG & UTG PRO products conform to published specifications and are free from defects in material and workmanship. They will repair or replace defective products for the duration of the product's life span.
NOTES: The warranty does not extend to products disassembled, damaged from misuse, accidental impact, negligence, natural disasters/accidents, or unauthorized repair or alteration.

Prepping the Rifle
1. While following all the basic rules of firearms safety, first ensure the firearm is unloaded by confirming the chamber is empty and the magazine is removed.
2. Remove the dust cover by depressing the recoil spring assembly (RSA) release and pulling the dust cover up and out.
3. Depress the RSA release again until it clears its retainer channel. Pull out the entire RSA.
4. With the safety in the down or "fire" position, slide the bolt carrier group (BCG) to the rear of the receiver. Once clear of the receiver rails, lift and remove the BCG.
5. Rotate the gas tube retaining lever upward and remove the gas tube/upper handguard assembly.
6. Rotate the upper handguard 180 degrees around the gas tube allowing removal of the upper handguard through the open-ended side of the retainers. Carefully using a vice or a wrench on the flats at the rear of the gas tube may be required to achieve the needed leverage for removal.
7. Rotate the front cap's locking lever until it is pointed towards the muzzle, slide the front cap out of the way, and remove the lower handguard.
8. Slide the front cap back to its original position and rotate the locking lever back until it is pointed towards the receiver.

UTG PRO Handguard Installation
1. Install the included spacer(s) against the front of the receiver just below the barrel
Note: Four spacers are included. Two are tabbed and two are flat and both include a 1mm and 0.5mm thick spacer. Only one tabbed spacer should be used during installation and should go on after installing any flat spacers that may be needed.
Test fit the upper and lower handguard around the barrel. With their screw holes aligned and the rear of lower handguard against the receiver, look at the small gap between the front cap and the front of the upper handguard.
Install a spacer to close the gap, tightening up the fit of the upper handguard. The fitment should be snug, but not require excessive force to seat or remove.
2. Place the lower handguard underneath the barrel with its "winged" end against and overlapping the front of the receiver.
3. Place the center piece of the barrel spacer assembly (BSA) down onto the barrel within the area cutout for it in the lower handguard. The center piece should be placed down with its cross-bolt channels facing upward.
4. Place the two BSA locking inserts on the left- and right-hand side of the center piece with their squared lugs facing down and keying into the BSA center piece.
5. While holding the lower handguard centered and against the underside of the barrel and receiver, insert the two long T15 torx screws through the recessed screw holes on the left and right side of the handguard and thread the screws into the BSA locking inserts. Evenly tighten the torx screws until secure. Recommended torque value is 20in-lbs.
6. Reinstall the gas tube and rotate the gas tube retainer lever downward back to its locked position.
7. With the UTG PRO logo facing the right-hand side, place the upper handguard over the gas tube and align the upper and lower handguard screw holes.
8. Evenly tighten all four short T20 torx screws to secure the upper and lower handguard together. Recommended torque value is 20in-lbs.

Micro Reflex Dot Sight (MRDS) Installation
1. The steel MRDS plate is Doctor footprint compatible. Evenly seat the MRDS on top of the plate ensuring all bosses are engaged.
2. Place the two onto the upper handguard's flat top ensuring all screw holes are aligned.
3. Evenly tighten the two T10 torx screws. Recommended torque value is 12in-lbs.

M-LOK Rail or Accessory Installation
1. Ensure the gap between the M-LOK T-nut and corresponding raised boss is slightly larger than the thickness of the boss itself. If the gap is too wide, the t-nut will not engage properly and will free-spin. If the gap is too narrow, the t-nut will not be able to rotate.
2. When correctly positioned, the t-nut will tighten and seat perpendicular to the M-LOK mounting slot. Recommended torque value is 30in-lbs.

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