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Advanced Technology TSG0300

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Product Description

Tactical Shotgun Picatinny Rail Package includes one left 2" Picatinny Rail and one right 2" Picatinny Rail. The Picatinny Rails allow for easy installation of all your favorite accessories. Blank inserts are included for when rails are not in use. Has a very tough, textured forend, yet is extremely lightweight.
Constructed of DuPont Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer. Manufactured in the USA and has a Manufacturer limited lifetime warranty.

Fits Most 12ga Mossberg 500/535/590/835, Maverick 88, Remington 870, and Winchester 1200/1300/SXP Shotguns.
**Does NOT fit Remington 870 DM or Mossberg 590M

Note: Mossberg forends require a 6 3/4" slide action tube, Maverick shotguns will also require the addition of a Mossberg 6 3/4" slide action tube.

**The forend included in this package is compatible with: (1) Mossberg Shotguns with removable forend, and Mossberg Shotgun newer than 2006 should be checked to ensure that it has a removable forend. (2) Winchester Forend Tubes with a minimun length of 6 1/4" are required for use of this product.

Tactical Shotgun Forend

1: Barrel Removal
Begin by unscrewing the magazine cap by turning counterclockwise and then removing the barrel by pulling it out of the receiver.

2: OEM Forend Removal
Using the appropriate magazine socket wrench or spanner wrench, unscrew the forend nut and then remove the nut and forend from the slide action tube.

3: Shipping Rib Removal
Prior to installing to the slide action tube, remove all (6) of the shipping ribs using snips.

4: Rail/Blank Insert Installation
Option 1: (Picatinny Rail Installations)
To install the side picatinny rail onto the tactical forend, begin by sliding the 6-32 hex nut into the pocket on the inside of forend. Be sure to hold the nut with your finger to prevent the hex nut from sliding out of place. Next, install the side rail onto the slot on the outside of the forend and using the supplied 6-32 x 3/8” screw, tighten to the hex nut on the inside of the rail. Repeat for the other side rail. (Note: Each rail is labelled with a R&L).

Option 2: (Blank Insert Installations)
To install the blank inserts, place the blanks into the left and right slot of forend. (Note: Each blank is labelled with a R&L)

5: Front/Rear Adapter Rib Removal
Begin by removing the shipping ribs from the front and rear adapter using snips.

6: Front/Rear Adapter Selection

Front Mossberg Short – MF2
Rear Mossberg Short – MR3
Front Mossberg Long – MF1
Rear Mossberg Long – MR3
Front Remington 870 – RF4
Rear Remington 870 – RR5
Front Winchester 1200/1300/SXP – WF6
Rear Winchester 1200/1300 – WF7
Rear Winchester SXP – MF2 (Front Mossberg Short)

7: Forend Adapter Installation
Place the front and rear adapters into the forend. Notice the adapters are seated all the way into the forend until the adapter contacts the notches on the forend.

8: Forend to Slide Action Tube Installation
Take the forend and slide onto the magazine tube until the magazine tube is seated all the way into the forend.

9: Forend Nut/Barrel Installation
Take the forend nut and using the appropriate magazine wrench or spanner wrench, tighten the nut to the slide action tube. Next, slide the barrel over the slide action tube and seat into the receiver and then tighten the magazine cap onto the tube.


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