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Advanced Technology SHO0500

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Product Description

Manufactured in the USA of DuPont Extreme Reinforced Polymer.  This 5-shell carrier mounts securely with screws on either side of the top folding stock and any full length wood or polymer stock.  Quick access to extra 12 gauge rounds.  Includes simple instructions.  Limited lifetime warranty.

Fits any ATI Shotforce Top-Folding or Full Length Wood or Synthetic Stocks

**Will NOT fit ATI TactLite Stocks

Shotshell Holder Installation Instructions

1: Cut out mounting template.

2: Place five shotgun shells in holder and position on stock.

3: Locate proper position on stock so there is no interference with check, shoulder, etc.

4: Place mounting template where you wish to mount then holder and tape it down.

5: Mark ONLY the corner holes of the template with a sharp object (nail, punch awl)

6: Remove the shells and drill the four holes using a 7/64” drill bit.

7: Mount shell holder using the four flat head screws supplied. Re-insert all five shotshells and check for a “snug” fit.
Note: For tighter fit, install middle 2 screws.

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