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Buffer Technologies recoil buffers are used to reduce parts wear and recoil of your firearms. These polymer recoil buffers prevent the metal-on-metal impact of a bolt or slide from impacting the frame while firing. They are made from Estane 58130, which is not affected by common firearm cleaners, making them last for hundreds of rounds.

The SKS Recoil Buffer fits in the rear of the top assembly and is made to the exacting tolerances to insure a tight fit. An indentation in the Recoil Buffer itself provides a secure resting spot for the recoil spring guide, making assembly much simpler. The SKS Recoil Buffer will fit all variations of Russian and Chinese SKSs. The recoil buffer is simple to install and requires no modification to the firearm.

The SKS action is super-reliable, but that reliability has a cost. Each time you shoot an SKS the bolt carrier impacts the inside of the top cove. This operation takes its toll on the working mechanism. By installing an SKS Recoil Buffer you totally eliminate the metal to metal impact of the bolt carrier to the receiver, thereby eliminating the shock to the receiver. The Recoil Buffer also prevents any shock from reaching a scope if you have one installed.

Installation of SKS Recoil Buffer
1. Make sure gun is unloaded.
2. Remove top cover by rotating locking pin upward, then pull pin outward from receiver to release.
3. Using a small brush or cotton swabs, remove any dirt or powder residue present in recess at rear of top cover.
4. Insert recoil buffer into recess in rear of top cover. Indetation in buffer will be facing towards muzzle.
5. Reassemble with recoil spring guide assembly fitting into indentation in the recoil buffer.

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