HK91/93 Recoil Buffer - Buffer Tech

HK91/93 Recoil Buffer - Buffer Tech

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Buffer Technologies HK1

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The Heckler and Koch G3, along with its semi-automatic version, the Model 91, are designed with a solid metal recoil buffer assembly which fits into the buttstock. This factory designed buffer receives the impact of the bolt carrier each time it is fired. This metal to metal impact is what causes felt recoil. The Buffer Tech replacement buffer is injection molded. When installed, it takes the beating from the bolt carrier instead of the receiver and your shoulder! Not only will it save your shoulder, it will also improve muzzle stability for multiple shot accuracy. This buffer ONLY works on full stock versions...NOT the collapsible stock version!

Installation instructions for HK91/93 recoil buffer
1. Remove buttstock assembly from weapon. Remove butt pad from buttstock. Remove screw in the back of existing metal recoil buffer, using a long screwdriver. Remove two screws holding the metal recoil buffer in position.
2. Replace the metal recoil buffer with the recoil buffer. Replace the two metal screws, without the washers, tighten to the point that buffer is secure, but not compressed.
3. Replace buttstock assembly.

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