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Advanced Technology BIP0700

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Product Description

Revolutionary bi-pod offers exceptional features at less cost. Mounts to bayonet lug. Weighs only 6oz. Simply press the "snap-n-lock" button to fold legs forward, down or rearward. To extend/retract legs in ONE SECOND from 9" to 13", twist thumbnut screw. All hardware is included for installation without gunsmithing. Will not scratch rust or dent. Allows use of a sling and includes non-slip rubber feet. Made in the USA of black, DuPont extreme temperature glass reinforced polymer. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Fits all SKS rifles.

Stationary Bipod.

SKS Featherweight Non-Swivel Bipod

Product Installation Guide

Step 1: Begin by removing the bayonet from the bayonet lug of your SKS. Next, place the rear clamp onto the yoke with the pins on the yoke aligning with the slots on the bottom of the rear clamp. Using the provided flat washer and #10 x ¾” screw, attach the rear clamp to the yoke.

Step 2: Next you will begin to install the left and right legs by inserting the post on the leg into the hole on the yoke. Using a phillips head screwdriver, secure the left and right legs to the yoke with the leg mounting washers and the #10 x ¾” sheet metal screws.

Step 3: Install the bipod to the barrel by sliding the center post on the rear clamp through the center opening of the bayonet lug. Clamp the bipod to the bayonet lug by placing the locking block over the front of the lug and use the provided #10 x 1” screw to attach to the rear clamp.

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