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Tacstar 1081157

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Product Description

6 Shot Sidesaddle for Remington 870, 1100, and 11 87 12 Gauge Shotguns – TacStar

Shell Holder Material: Polymer
Backing Plate: Aluminum
Capacity: 6 12 Gauge Shells
Fits: Remington 870, 1100, and 11 87 12 Gauge

For Remington 870 Express and Wingmaster, a minor modification to the shotgun forend is required to prevent interference with the SideSaddle.

Unbreakable, corrosion resistant polymer shell holder
Rugged, aluminum backing plate
Easy mounting, no gunsmithing
Mounting screws included

Hardware Included: 3 allen wrenches, 2 screws to replace receiver pins, shotshell holder with 6 screws, and aluminum backing plate.

The TacStar Sidesaddle mounts 6 extra rounds on your shotgun in a convenient and accessible location for fast reloading. The tough, weatherproof shell carrier is attached to an aluminum mounting plate that installs directly on the shotgun receiver.

Installation is easy, and in most cases requires no alterations to the shotgun. All mounting screws are included, no gunsmithing required.

FOREND ADVISORY: If your shotgun is equipped with a field grade forend that extends onto the sides of the receiver, it will hit the 6 shell SideSaddle and not cycle fully. To remedy; shorten the length of forend or equip the shotgun with a TacStar or Pachmayr forend.


TacStar SideSaddle Remington 870 Instructions

1. Always make sure your shotgun is unloaded.

2. Using the smallest allen key provided, remove the 6 screws holding the shell holders to the aluminum backing plate.

3. Punch out the two pins on the receiver, just above the trigger and safety, punch from the left side. (Hammer may be needed)

4. Insert the two long screws into their corresponding holes from the right side of the receiver (one is thicker than the other).

5. Place the aluminum backing plate (only goes on one way) and line up the two screw holes.

6. Screw in the 2 mounting screws using the provided allen keys, DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN, can cause action not to work, in this case, back the screws out some and it should start working again.

7. Place shell holder on backing plate and screw the six screws back in.

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