AR10 SR25 M110 Magazine Pull 3 Pack - Black - Magpul


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Magpul MAG002

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Product Description

Original Magpul – 7.62 NATO 3-Pack

Made in U.S.A.

Platform: AR10, M110, SR25

Compatibility: Most aluminum, steel, and polymer 7.62 magazines

Improved Speed and Handling
Simple & Durable
Highly Compatible

When installed on the base of a rifle magazine, the Magpul provides unsurpassed speed and controllability during high stress, tactical magazine changes.

Features durable synthetic rubber loop with recessed rough gripping surface. Quick and easy installation and removal. Patented design based upon the tried-and-true para-cord loops and duct-tape tabs currently in use with special warfare units worldwide.



          Install/Removal Instructions

Step 1:  Place one end of the Magpul over the base (bottom) of the magazine.

Step 2: Using index finger, stretch the base of the Magpul over the base of the magazine.

Step 3: Using both index fingers, work each side down a little until the top lip of the Magpul is approximately 1/8" below the base of the magazine.

To remove the Magpul, grip the finger loop firmly with the index finger while using the other hand to lightly grip the magazine. Pull with steady pressure and the Magpul will pull off.

Magpul Magazine Grip Usage

This is the original and most popular method of extracting the magazine. The index finger is used to pull the magazine from the pouch and pivot it 180 degrees into the firearm. Support and control of this motion is achieved by gripping with the thumb and remaining fingers.

This is similar to the “finger hook method” with the exception of the index finger, which is kept straight through the loop. This method is best used with tactical vests that curve magazines horizontal across the body.

This is a specialized technique used for retrieving magazines from certain types of angled chest pouches. This technique is especially effective with the 9mm Magpul (Magazine Pull) installed on a stick submachine gun magazine.


The Magpul is made of an industrial thermoplastic which is impervious to most chemicals and will retain its shape even after long term storage in a closed ammunition pouch.

Depending on the operating temperature and the amount of time stored, there may be some memory effect (keeping shape after prolonged, compressed storage) on the finger loop, but not enough to affect its usability.

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