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Advanced Technology MOI0300

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Product Description

This distinctive stock with its Monte Carlo style cheek rest fits most 91/30 Rifles & M-38, m-44 Carbines, and Mosin Nagant Variants 7.62x54R. It instantly transforms your Moisin Nagant into an appealing hunting rifle. The stock is molded from black DuPont Extreme Reinforced Polymer.

It features a Monte Carlo Rifle Stock with checkered forearm & grip, X series recoil reducing butt-pad that absorbs recoil, reduces muzzle lift, elimates felt punch, is not affected by chemicals or extreme temperatures, has a raised cheek rest, and has two sling swivel studs. 

Made in the USA

Mosin Nagant Monte Carlo Stock Installation Instructions

Step 1: Remove the bolt by lifting the bolt and depressing the trigger, then slide the bolt out towards the rear.

Step 2: Remove the cleaning rod and remove the sling collar.

Step 3: Remove both the front and rear barrel bands by depressing the retaining springs and sliding them off the front of the stock.
Note: Some models of the Mosin Nagant have barrel bands that are held by a screw or retaining pin.

Step 4: Remove the top handguard.

Step 5: Remove the bottom magazine screw.

Step 6: Remove the top receiver screw.

Step 7: Remove the barreled action and magazine assembly from the Mosin Nagant wood stock

Step 8: Place the barreled action and magazine assembly into the ATI Monte Carlo Stock.

Step 9: Reinstall the bottom magazine assembly screw and top receiver screw then tighten using a flathead screwdriver. Be sure to tighten the bottom magazine screw first then tighten the top receiver screw.

Step 10: Reinstall the bolt by depressing the trigger and pushing the bolt forward into the barreled action.

Modification instructions for Rear Sight Clearance on the M-39 “Finnish Heavy Barrel.” The rear sight area in the stock must be relieved for the barrel to seat.

Step 1: Place the barreled action in the stock for positioning. The rear sight assembly on the M-39 rifle will not allow the stock to seat properly.

Step 2: Material must be removed from the shaded areas for the stock to seat properly. Cut a slot approx. 1/16” x 5/16” wide x 3/8” deep on both the front left and                                                 

front right sides of the stock as indicated by Figure 1-A. This may best be accomplished using a Dremel type tool with a cutter.

Step 3: To obtain the correct clearance, simply file approx. 1/8” off
the corner as indicated in Figure 1-B.

Step 4:  Your barreled action should now drop into the stock.


Stock Adjustment Installation

Step 1: Due to the many variations of the Mosin Nagant and the range of the angle between the barrel and receiver, a washer may be needed to improve the position of the barrel in the stock.

Step 2: Once you have determined that a washer will be needed for the proper fit, disassemble the firearm as instructed on the previous page. Place the top receiver screws through the receiver then slide the 5/16” washer provided onto the end of the bolt.

Step 3: Next, insert the barreled action with the bolt and washer into the top of the stock and insert the magazine assembly into the bottom of the stock.

Step 4: Tighten the bottom magazine assembly screw first then the top receiver screw. When the washer is installed, there might still be a small gap between the barrel and the stock. This will not affect the performance of the firearm.


Cartridge Interrupter Installation

Step 1: Due to the many variations of the Mosin Nagant you may need to remove some material from the stock wall for the cartridge interrupter to work properly.

Step 2: Use a Dremel or similar tool to remove material from the stock wall.

Step 3: The side wall of the stock gets thicker as it moves down the side, be sure to angle the Dremel so the wall has the same thickness on the top as it does on the bottom.

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