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Shotforce Top-Folding Shotgun Stock – Marine Edition

Material: DuPont Polymer
Color: Black
Fits: Maverick 88 12ga & 20ga, Mossberg 500/535/590/835 12ga & 20ga, Remington 870 12ga, and Winchester 1200/1300 12ga & 20ga.

Made in the USA

Marine Edition
Fired in opened or folded position
Quick release button
Textured Pistol Grip
Sling Swivel stud included
Easy Installation
Accepts Shotgun Shell Holder
DuPont Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer Stock

The Marine Edition of the Shotforce Top-Folding Shotgun Stock from ATI is made from DuPont Extreme Temperature Reinforced Glass Polymer. The Marine Edition includes Stainless-Steel hardware so you can stow it anywhere and never worry about deterioration in humid or coastal climates.

This stock can be fired in the opened or folded position, so you don’t have to miss that perfect shot getting your shotgun unfolded. Stock is reversible for right or left-handed shooters. A quick release button allows you to lock the stock in the folded or open position.

The textured pistol grip allows you to keep a firm grip when the shot counts. The stainless-steel hardware and sling swivel stud are included, and stock is pre-drilled to accept a shotgun shell holder.

The stock is easy to install, depending on the model you choose to install it on, some modification may be required. The sling swivel stud accepts any standard sling swivel.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Marine Edition Shotforce Top-Folding Shotgun Stock Instructions

1: Remove Original Stock

Begin by removing the existing recoil pad from your stock using a phillips head screwdriver. Next using a long flat head screwdriver or appropriate socket, remove the stock bolt. You can now remove the old stock from the receiver.

2: Rear Rest to Main Support

Begin with the main support, skinny side to the right. Take the rear rest and attach to the main support’s skinny side. Next, turn the stock over (skinny side now to the left) and install the small TFS pin into the rear rest until flush.

After installing the small TFS pin, turn the stock over (rear rest to the right) and set the small TFS washer onto the rear rest. Using a phillips head screw attach the small TFS washer.
Note: when tightening the screw, you will need to use an allen wrench in the small TFS pin to the pin from moving.

3: Grip Assembly Installation to Main Support

Take the grip assembly and attach to the main support making sure the folding button is seated into the proper slot. (Note: Before installing the large TFS pin, determine which side you would like to have the sling stud attached to as it will attach to the opposite of the installed pin). Next, turn the stock over and install the large TFS pin into the grip assembly until flush.

After installing the large TFS pin, turn the stock over and set the large TFS washer onto the grip assembly. Install the sling stud to the large TFS washer.
Note: when tightening the sling stud, you will need to use an allen wrench in the large TFS pin to hold the pin from moving and an open face or spanner wrench to tighten the sling stud.

4: Adapter Installation

Place the appropriate adapter into the pistol grip. (Mossberg and Maverick do not need adapters, so the grip will seat directly to the receiver). Press the adapter into place.

5: Grip Assembly Installation to Receiver

With the main support in the open position place pistol grip flush against the receiver.

With the main support folded and using the appropriate bolt and washers, tighten the pistol grip to the receiver with the appropriate allen wrench.


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