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Product Description

PMAG D-60 AR/M4 Gen M3

Made in the USA

Caliber: 5.56 x 45 NATO / .223 Rem
Capacity: 60 rounds
Finish: Black
Material: Polymer
Platform: AR15, M4, M16
Fits: most 'STANAG 4179' platforms such as the AR15, M4, M16, SCAR MK16/16S, HK416, MR556, M27 IAR, IMI Tavor, and others

NOTE: Optimized for use only with 5.56x45 NATO / .223 Remington cartridges. Use with other calibers such as .300 AAC Blackout is not recommended.

Easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance

Reliable and Rugged Construction
Advanced Features
Easy to Load, Operate, and Maintain
Visual Aids to Employment

The PMAG D-60 is a durable, lightweight, highly reliable 60-round 5.56x45 NATO/.223 Remington polymer drum magazine for AR15/M4 compatible weapons. It is constructed from impact and crush resistant polymer and all components are corrosion resistant.

The unique drum configuration keeps the height of the magazine manageable and allows for prone firing and easier storage. Features an easy-to-use loading lever, paint pen dot matrix, and rear window for capacity indication.

The D-60 features bolt hold open feature to lock the bolt back on the last round. It will seat fully loaded on a closed bolt. It is designed to lock the bolt back after the last round for most AR15/M4/HK416 platforms. Inserting an empty magazine and manually cycling the charging handle will not activate the bolt hold-open feature. In addition, this feature may or may not work for weapons with bolt-open levers that don't adhere to the Colt-spec.

The Ratcheting Loading lever takes tension off the spring for easy loading by hand. The feed tower is compatible with most loading devices, including USGI stripper clips and guides, the StripLULA, and others. It is designed to be left loaded for long term storage with no degradation of function.

Easy to disassemble for cleaning with only a flat-bladed screwdriver or similar flat-bladed tool. Slip-on, semi-rigid dust cover prevents grit and debris intrusion during storage or transport. Anti-glare translucent window on rear of drum allows for easy determination of rounds remaining

The dot matrix marking system on Magpul's line of AR15 magazines are intended for users to mark out alphanumeric characters on their mags in a standardized, modern, customizable way. These magazines offer four 3 x 5 matrices on each side of the magazine. If each matric is used for 1 alphanumeric character, this allows for 8 individual characters to be written on a single magazine. Pistol magazines, like their Glock 9mm line, offer only two 3 x 5 matrices per mag.


Usage Notes

WARNING: Before starting, make sure the weapon is unloaded, the chamber is empty, and the safety engaged.

Inserting into the Firearm

Inserting is accomplished the same as any compatible magazine with a closed or open bolt. Ensure that the Loading Lever is in the stowed/down position prior to inserting the D-60 into the magazine well.

Bolt Hold Open

The D-60 is intended to work with AR15/M4/HK416 pattern weapons with full functionality of the bolt catch. In commercial platforms which deviate from military specifications for the bolt catch or in non-AR platforms, bolt hold open functionality is not guaranteed.

Dust Cover Employment

The semi-rigid Dust Cover should be used to prevent grit and debris from entering the magazine Feed Tower during storage, transportation, and carriage. The Dust cover has a tie-down loop which can be attached to load carriage equipment. When configured in this manner, it will self-deploy upon removing the magazine from the pouch.


Loading Instructions:

The D-60 may be loaded one round at a time by hand, or by using compatible loading devices, including USGI stripper clips and clip guides, the StripLula, and others. (If one of these devices is being used, attach it to the magazine tower in the same manner as it attaches to a normal box magazine). When using a loading device, the loading lever must still be utilized. Ensure the device does not impede movement of the loading gate, as this will prevent loading.

Step 1: Deploy loading lever and rotate it counterclockwise to depress the magazine spring/round stack.

Step 2: Push rounds straight down into the magazine. Due to the loading gate, it is not required to slide the rounds under the feed lip and to the rear. Simply push rounds straight down as you would with conventional double-stack box magazines.

Step 3: Insert a round into the magazine, release the lever and rotate it to the further depress round stack. Repeat until all 60 rounds are inserted.

NOTE: As the magazine nears full, it may require more than one cycle of the loading lever to insert one round. Maintain pressure on any partially inserted round as the lever is cycled an additional time until the round inserts under feed lip.

Administrative Unloading

The D-60 may be unloaded one round at a time by sliding rounds forward, freeing them of the feed lips as with conventional magazines. Ensure that the loading lever is in the down/stowed position when unloading the magazine. This is the recommended method to download the D-60. It is not necessary to download the D-60 for long term storage. It is designed to be left loaded without loss of function or degradation.

NOTE: Avoid manipulating the loading gate open. If the loading gate is held open, the D-60 will rapidly expel all remaining cartridges. Ensure that during routine handling the loading gate does not exceed 45 degrees to the feed tower.

NOTE: DO NOT attempt to unload the D-60 with the loading lever up. Unloading the D-60 with the lever in the up position may result in damage to the magazine.


Disassembly & Maintenance


Step 1: Use a small flathead screwdriver to remove the four retaining clips at the rear of the magazine. Seat the screwdriver in the slot under the clip and rotate the blade to release each clip.

NOTE: Depending on the tool or technique used, some possible marring of the parts may be experiences.

DO NOT disassemble the D-60 unless it is fully downloaded.

Step 2: Remove the front cover by pulling it straight of the front of the magazine. Do not rotate the loading lever when disassembled.

Step 3: Use a screwdriver to release each of the four locking fingers attaching the rear cover to the magazine. Press in on each locking finger latch while pulling the rear cover off the rear of the magazine. Holding the first locking finger open manually will assist in unlatching subsequent fingers. When all locking fingers are released, remove the rear cover by pulling it straight off the rear of the magazine.

NOTE: DO NOT disassemble the D-60 any further. No further disassembly is needed for routine cleaning and maintenance of the magazine. Further disassembly may risk permanent damage to the D-60 and potential injury. The D-60 spring is under extreme pressure and should only be released by trained service personnel with appropriate equipment. Contact Magpul Tech Support if further assistance is required.



Step 1:  Replace the rear cover, ensuring all four locking tabs seat fully. If the rear cover will not fully seat, do not force. Rotate the ratcheting wheel a few degrees (about ¼” of movement) and then allow to return slowly to the resting position to adjust the follower round stack, then seat the cover fully.

NOTE: Contact customer service if the rear cover will not seat. DO NOT force the cover into place.

Step 2: Align the loading lever with the feed tower and hold the front cover in place.

Step 3: Hook the retaining clips on the front cover and snap them over the rear cover. Check that the round stack is not bound by depressing and releasing the loading lever to check for drag or catching.


Step 1:  Disassemble using above instructions.

Step 2: Inspect the feed tower assembly for cracks and excess fouling. Wipe down the exterior of the tower assembly and use compressed air or a soft, clean brush to clean the feel lip and loading gate. It is not necessary to depress the round stack to clean the feed tower during routine maintenance.

Step 3: Clean fouling and dirt from the loading lever, front cover, and ratcheting wheel using compressed air, cotton swabs, or clean cloth.

Step 4: Using cotton swabs or a clean cloth, wipe out the feed track of the main body starting at the center and moving outwards. Repeat on the rear cover feed track. Any solvents intended for routine firearms maintenance may be used on the D-6- to assist in fouling removal.

Step 5: Apply a light film coat of firearm lubricant such as CLP or commercial equivalent to the feed tracks. DO NOT use dry or graphite lubes, greases, or thick pastes on the D-60. This is best accomplished by placing lubricant on a cleaning patch or cotton swab and wiping the sides of the track surfaces where the rounds make contact in the body of the D-60 and the sides and rear ribs inside the track on the rear cover. Avoid excess lubrication. The surface only requires light film of lubricant. Visible droplets are excess lubricant and should be wiped away.

Step 6: Reassemble using above instructions.

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