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Product Description

No drilling, tapping or major alteration. Guaranteed to hold zero. Can be removed and reinstalled easily. Includes 1" fully machined, horizontally split scope rings and is windage adjustable. Made in the USA of top grade military allan aircraft aluminum.

Installation instructions for HK-91/HK-93

1. Put the longer 10-32 set screw in center angled hole in top of base, shorter 10-32 set screw part way
into straight hole at rear of base. Tighten the longer one until base spreads slightly. 1-2 turns max.

2. Place the mount base on top of the receiver, engaging the mounting grooves on left side of rife first.
Mount should be as far forward as possible, but behind ejection port. When the right side of base is down
on receiver far enough to engage mounting grooves on the right, loosen longer 10-32 set screw.
(Loosen at least one turn after all resistance has stopped,)

3. Put the socket head cap screw in the remaining angled holes, locate the base where desired, and tighten
cap screws. Work the action, making sure have not over tightened. Snug both set screws.

4. Install see thru risers blocks using flat head cap screws provided.

5. install scope rings as per instructions on box.

6. To remove the mount reverse the above, from 3 to 1, completely removing the socket head cap screws before tightening the spreader set screw.

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