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Tacstar 1081151

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Product Description

Forend Grip for Mossberg 500, 590, and Maverick 88 12 Gauge Pump Shotguns – TacStar

Material: ABS Polymer
Color: Black
Fits: Mossberg 500/590//Maverick Pump Shotguns

High-impact ABS Polymer
Includes Action Bars
Distributes recoil evenly
12 Gauge Only

The TacStar Forend Shotgun Grips were designed with the proper width, rearward angle, and back swell to distribute recoil energy evenly into both hands resulting in greater speed, accuracy, and control when shooting.

Injection-molded from a high-impact ABS polymer, Tactical Shotgun Grip Sets include all the necessary hardware for quick and easy installation and require no alterations to the shotgun.


TacStar offers rugged, reliable performance and value. The legendary SideSaddles and Magazine Extensions, a Weapons Light System, Shotgun and AR15 Grips, the handy TacSling, and the Adjustable Match Rifle Stock, all provide high quality and tactical performance you can count on.


Instructions for all Mossberg 500/590 forend tactical grip

1. Be sure the shotgun is unloaded.

2. Remove the barrel by unscrewing the barrel screw, located at the end of the magazine tube, and pulling the barrel free from the receiver.

3. Remove the forend assembly from the shotgun. This requires removal of the trigger assembly and bolt. Please refer to your Mossberg instruction manual for disassembly information.

4. Using the supplied "T" wrench, unscrew the forend nut and remove the forend.

5. Before replacing the factory forend with the Tactical Forend Grip be aware that Mossberg forend tubes have been made in two lengths. Older models had a 7 3/4" length and newer models are shorter at 6 1/2". Please note that the Tactical Forend Grip has a removable spacer ring on the front. This ring is to be used with the 7 3/4" forend tubes and removed and discarded if your forend tube is 6 1/2" long.

6. Once you have determined if you require the spacer ring or not, slide the Tactical Forend Grip onto the forend tube and securely tighten the forend nut in place. You are now ready to reassemble your shotgun by reversing above steps.

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