BMF Trigger Activator - 10/22 - 22 Rifle Rapid Fire Crank

BMF Trigger Activator - 10/22 - 22 Rifle Rapid Fire Crank

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Product Description

BMF Trigger Activator for Ruger 10/22 - 22 Rifle Rapid Fire Crank
Turn the Crank and the fun begins!

Connects to the trigger of your 22 rifle. Converts your semi-auto rimfire to a Gatlin gun as each crank of the handle fires several shots. Designed to be used on .22 Cal. Rim Fire Rifles only. Ambidextrous handle. Use with adult supervision. 
Restrictions do apply.

The Packaged unit comes with:
ONE – BMF Activator and instructions (Make of durable, polymer plastic)
TWO – Nylon Screws (In case you don’t want to use the metal ones)
THREE – Different size activator bars.

BMF Trigger Activator Installation and Instructions

Caution! Make sure the rifle is cleared of all ammunition. Remove the clip or loading tube from the rifle. Manually operate bolt and remove any shells from rifle. Double Check!

Manually cock the rifle with barrel pointing in a safe position, and “dry fire”, checking to see the distance of trigger travel to release the hammer.
Example: 1/8” is short travel, ¼” is long travel. Any distance in between is medium.
Select a corresponding Activator bar; either short, medium, or long, and place into the cavity slot of the Activator body.
Place rifle on flat surface, right side up. Place body of Activator without turning handle into trigger guard.
Adjust Activator body toward rifle trigger, just short of touching the trigger. Tighten set screws on bottom of mounting bracket securely.

Installing Turning Handle: Extreme caution must be taken when installing, as improper installation may result in injury.

Caution must be taken in choosing which side to install the Activator. If the rifle has a bolt lever on the right side of frame, install handle on the left side of Activator. If the bolt lever is on the left side, install the handle on the right side of Activator. If the bolt lever is on the bottom, either side can be used for the handle.

Once the handle is installed properly, cock the rifle, and apply sufficient pressure on the handle to “dry fire” the rifle. If after “dry firing” the turning handle becomes tight, too much pressure is being applied by the Activator bar. The handle should turn smoothly with a clicking action. To remedy excessive pressure, remove Activator and choose a shorter Activator bar. IF the shortest bar is being used and pressure persists, loosen screws, and slightly move the body of the Activator away from the trigger. If turning the handle fails to “dry fire” the rifle, a longer Activator bar is needed. Once the Activator is functioning properly, a smooth clicking action will be achieved. Then tighten se screws. Not too tight!


The BMF Activator is designed for use on .22 Cal. Rim Fire Rifles ONLY! Under no circumstances should this Activator be attached to automatic shot guns or automatic pistols! Use on anything other than what it was designed for is dangerous because of uncontrollable recoil.

Using a BMF Activator

When firing your rifle, turn the Activator handle slowly and smoothly. NEVER JERK or THROW the handle. When higher rate if fire is desired, simply turn the handle faster. Very little pressure is required if installed properly.

Compete with your BMF Activator!
Much pleasure can be found by competing with your Activator. Limit your number of shots to (5-8,1-, etc.) to each shooter and time the firing. Compete for accuracy and time to fire the number of shots chosen. It is recommended that your BMF Activator be used on a rifle with Bi-Pod, which is available from BMF Activator, Ince. The Bipod leaves your hand free for rotating the Activator and increases the accuracy you can obtain.

As a part of their adapted shooting system, individuals with disabilities may use this as an adapted trigger activator.

The BMF Activator does not change the manual safety feature built into your rifle. It will continue to function as always designed. However, the trigger guard is also a safety feature and by installing a BMF Activator, the trigger guard no longer serves as a safety, as the pull of the trigger is transferred to the turning handle and the firing of the rifle can be obtained by  movement from the handle. Regardless, the manual safety of you rifle will prevent the turning of the handle.

Two safety features have been built into your BMF Activator:

1. The turning handle can be completely removed. Leaving the body of the activator in position without the handle is an added safety feature, as an object or finger cannot be placed against the trigger.

2. the turning handle can be installed backward with the turning knob of the handle placed against the stock toward the rear of the trigger guard, making it impossible to turn the handle.

The BMF Activator will only rotate in one direction.

About BMF Activator

The Activator is designed with one though in mind, FUN!

The activator requires no lubrication. It is designed and constructed with durable polymer plastic. The body of the Activator is sonic welded and cannot be opened without destroying it.

DO’s and DON’Ts
The BMF Activator is not intended to be used as a hunting accessory. It is strictly for fun. Therefore,
DO NOT transport or walk about with your Activator in the ready position. Make your Activator ready only when you are ready to fire.
DO NOT attempt to rotate the handle in reverse direction.
DO NOT store your rifle with the Activator in position. Always remove after using or release the attaching screw pressure. Constant pressure on the screws and prolonged storage could warp the mounting bracket. However, should warping occur, completely remove and the Activator will return to normal position in a few hours.
DO NOT over-fire your rifle. Heating of the barrel of a rifle is common happening. However, it can be overheated by continued firing. Short bursts are recommended.
DO keep your rifle clean. The semi-automatic action of your rifle can be hindered by fouling. Dirt and powder accumulate during firing. Avoid over oiling your rifle. Excessive oil traps powder and dirt as well.

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