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Product Description

Buffer Technologies recoil buffers are used to reduce parts wear and recoil of your firearms. These polymer recoil buffers prevent the metal-on-metal impact of a bolt or slide from impacting the frame while firing. They are made from Estane 58130, which is not affected by common firearm cleaners, making them last for hundreds of rounds.

The Ruger 10/22 Bolt Buffer replaces the bolt stop pin at the rear of the receiver. This bolt stop pin stops the bolt from crashing into the rear of the alloy receiver and in doing so transfers that energy to the drilled receiver holes. This abrupt transfer of energy can affect zero on scoped rifles. Repeated cycling will cause elongation of these holes and eventual damage to the receiver. The solution is to replace the plain steel pin with a durable material possessing the proper elasticity. The Ruger Bolt Buffer is manufactured from an advanced polymer that will decelerate the bolt more gradually, reducing the already low felt recoil of your 10/22 and allowing for quicker set-up for the next shot.

For owners of suppressed 10/22s, the Bolt Buffer will significantly reduce the cycling noise of the action by eliminating the slap of the steel bolt on the steel pin. On an acoustically efficient suppressed 10/22, this will make a perceptible difference.

The bolt buffer is simple to install and requires no modification to the firearm.

Installation instructions for Ruger 10/22 bolt buffer
1. Make sure rifle is unloaded.
2. Loosen barrel band screw and remove barrel band.
3. Unscrew takedown screw and remove barreled action from stock.
4. Drift out bolt stop pin from action and replace with bolt buffer.
5. Reassemble rifle.

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