AK-47 Fiberforce Dragunov Stock and Handguard - Fixed - ATI Outdoors


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Advanced Technology MAK0100

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Product Description

AK-47 Fiberforce Stock - Fixed - ATI Outdoors
Dragunov design for a military look and style. Fits most variations of AK, MAK-90, and Maadi. 

The exciting sporty look of the Fiberforce butt stock and handguard will transform your rifle into an accessorized beauty. 
Includes ventilated handguard and built-in cheek rest with 3M Soft Touch cheekrest pad for improved comfort when shooting. The black, DuPont extreme temperature glass reinforced polymer stock is the comfortable, durable, alternative to wood. The kit includes the butt stock with thumbhole grip and sure-grip textured pad, unique dowel sling mount, and upper/lower handguard assemblies. Left-handed shooters can use with no modification. Manufactured in the USA. Limited lifetime warranty. Includes bolt and tang screw.

Will not fit MAK-9 and slant receivers; SAR1 and SAR3 and will not fit Saiga.

Installation Instructions

Handguard installation
Step 1: Remove the receiver cover, recoil spring, and bolt from the weapon per owner’s manual.
Step 2: To remove the upper handguard and gas tube assembly, raise the lever on the right side of the rear sight base. The assembly can then be removed by lifting upward and towards the rear.
Step 3: To remove the existing handguard, rotate the handguard around the gas tube 180 degrees, and slide it away from the tube.
Step 4: To remove the lower forearm, raise the locking lever, located on the inside right of the forearm front band, to the unlocked position. Slide the forearm front band forward and remove the existing lower forearm.
|Step 5: Insert the lower forearm rear locator tab into the recess in the front of the receiver. Hold the forearm against the barrel and work the barrel band over the front of the forearm. Once in place, return the barrel band locking lever to the locked position.
Step 6: Slide the new ATI upper handguard over the gas tube. Make sure the handguard is properly aligned before moving to step 7.
Step 7: With upper handguard secure to the gas tube, install the new ATI upper handguard and gas tube assembly. If needed, gently tap the upper handguard forward until it drops into place. Insert the (2) supplied #6 self-tapping screws into the top of the handguard at the rear (Do not overtighten).

Note: Some AK variants will require using a block of wood and a mallet to correctly align the front gas tube collar with the new ATI handguard.

Step 8: Insert the bolt, recoil spring, and receive cover back onto the weapon. You have now successfully installed ATI’s handguards for your AK or MAK-90 rifle.

Gunstock Installation
Step 1: Remove the receiver cover, recoil spring, bolt, buttstock, pistol grip, cleaning rod, upper handguard, and lower handguard per instructions in owner’s manual.
Step 2: Place the pivot housing assembly into the receiver.
Step 3: With the pivot housing assembly in the receiver, mark the tang hole using a pencil. Remove the pivot assembly and start drilling a pilot hole in the center of the marked hole with a 1/16” starter drill bit. Next, move up to the 3/16” drill bit and drill a wider hole using the already drilled pilot hole.

Step 4: Insert the original tang screw into the pre-drilled hole on the Fiberforce stock and tighten using a phillips head screwdriver. Next, insert the grip bolt through the bottom of the grip handle and tighten until the stock is completely secure to the firearm.
Step 5: Reinstall the receiver cover, recoil spring, and bolt back onto your firearm. Your new ATI Fiberforce Stock should now be securely installed to your firearm.

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