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Advanced Technology B.2.10.1226

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Product Description

AK-47 Strikeforce Six Position Side Folding Collapsible Stock - ATI 
Fits most stamped AK-47 receivers. Will not Fit Milled Receivers.

Includes a removable/adjustable cheekrest.
Made of DuPont Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer.
Made in USA. Lifetime Warranty. No gunsmithing required. 

Six-Position Collapsible/Side Folding Stock with TrakLOCK system
Scorpion Razorback Recoil Pad 
May be fired from folded position 
Dual sided QD attachment point 
Slot for tactical sling attachment 
Mounting Hardware included 
No snag points 

*Will not fit the M-70. 

AK-47 Strikeforce Adjustable Side Folding TactLite Stock Product Installation Guide

Step 1: After disassembling your AK using your owner’s manual begin by placing the pivot housing assembly into the receiver.

Step 2:  With the pivot housing assembly in the receiver, mark the two holes using a pen. Measure the outside of the screw to make sure it measures .230”. If the screw you are using does not have and outside diameter of .230”, measure the outside diameter and use the appropriate drill bit.

Step 3:  If the screw measures .230” remove the pivot assembly and start by drilling pilot holes in the center of the 2 market holes with a 1/16” starter drill bit. Next, move up to the 3/16” drill bit and drill 2 wider holes using the two pilot holes.

Step 4: Place the pivot housing assembly into the receiver, insert the (2) original screws and tighten both screws to secure the stock to the receiver.

Step 5:  Next, put your stock into the folded position by pressing together on the pin cap and under pivot housing.

Step 6: With the stock in the folded position, slide the buffer tube into the pivot housing.

Step 7: Using a phillips head screwdriver, tighten the provided 14 x 1 ¼” plastite phillips head screw.

TacLite Adjustable Cheekrest Kit Installation

1: Hex Nut to Mount Installation
Begin by placing the (5) 6-32 hex nuts into the slots of the cheekrest mounts until seated.

2: Cheekrest Mount Installation
Begin by attaching the right side cheekrest mount and snap into the pocket until seated.
Turn the stock over and attach the left side cheekrest mount and snap into the pocket until seated.
Using the provided 6-32 x ¾” screw (1) thread the screw through the left side cheekrest mount and tighten using the appropriate allen wrench.

3: Cheekrest Installation
Take the cheekrest and slide onto the cheekrest mounts making sure the holes on the cheekrest line up with the cheekrest mount holes.
Using the provided 6-32 x ¼” screws (2) and the appropriate allen wrench, tighten the left side of the cheekrest. Turn the stock over and repeat the process to tighten the right side of the cheekrest.




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