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S&K Mounts ARG70

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No drilling, tapping or major alteration. Guaranteed to hold zero. Can be removed and reinstalled easily. Made in the USA of top grade military allan aircraft aluminum. Use Weaver type rings (not included). Requires a long eye relief scope.

Installation instructions for the ARGENTINE 1909

Push the axis pin out at the front of the ladder sight. To remove the ladder sight lift the ladder sight up at about 15 degrees & push down on the ladder sight where the pin was removed. With the ladder sight pushed down, pull or tap it to the rear. The ladder sight sits into a saddle in the rear sight base & you have to push down enough to come out of the saddle & then move to the rear. 

Remove the spring by sliding it forward & lifting it out. Slide the custom flange nut provided into the slot the spring was removed from. Install this nut with the longest part of the flange toward the front & the tapped hole closest to the wall at the rear. Place the mount over the rear sight of the rifle with the (2) 4mm tapped side holes toward the front of the rifle. Drop the mount into the rear sight base of the rifle taking care to align the 4mm tapped side holes up with the axis pin hole. The rear of the mount needs to straddle the special flange nut with the hole through the mount lined up with the tapped hole in the nut.

Install the (2) 4mm socket head cap screws. Grasp the front of the mount & lift up. With upward pressure on the mount, tighten the (2) 4mm socket head cap screws as tight as you can get them while holding onto the short end of the 3mm hex key wrench that we provided.

Check to make sure the tapped hole in the special flange nut is aligned with the hole in the rear of the mount. Put the 10-32 x ½ flat head screw down through the mount & into the special flange nut & tighten. Put the 10-32 x ½ socket set screw down through the front tapped hole in the mount & tighten against the receiver. This set screw removes any play in the 4mm side screws & locks them in place. Put the 10-32 x ¼ socket set screw down through the rear tapped hole of the mount & tighten. This screw is not needed unless you find your rifle is shooting low & the turret adjustments can’t adjust far enough.

If your rifle is shooting low & you have used all of your turret adjustment proceed with the following. With the rear 10-32 x ¼ socket set screw snug, loosen the 10-32 x ½ flat head screw & tighten the 10-32 x ¼ socket set screw (turn clockwise) 1/8 turn. Retighten the flat head screw. Bore-sight the rifle to see where you are. Repeat this process if necessary. For every 1/8 turn of the 10-32 socket set screw you will shoot approximately 3” higher at 100 yards.

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