Wilson Combat Deluxe Bullet Proof A-2 Sear


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Wilson Combat 314

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Product Description

Deluxe Bullet Proof A-2 Sear

Precision wire EDM cut from S-7 Tool Steel Bar Stock
Heat treated for maximum hardness
Contact Surfaces are ground to an ultra-smooth 8 RMS Finish
Proper design and finish for a fine trigger job
Used in all Wilson Combat Custom Pistols
Minor Fitting may be Required

Wilson Combat Bullet Proof parts stand alone for performance, construction, and value. These parts are machined from solid steel billets and precisely engineered for an absolutely perfect fit-no cheap castings or inferior, imported injection molded parts. These parts have been engineered to be the highest quality, most user friendly and toughest 1911 parts available.

The Deluxe Bullet Proof A-2 Sear is constructed of precision wire EDM cut from S-7 tool steel bar stock. It is heat treated for maximum hardness and contact surfaces are ground to an ultra-smooth 8 RMS finish. Minor fitting may be required.

Fits: All codes, new hammer required on L - N.
Colt Government Model
Enhanced Model
Springfield Armor 1911 A1
Military 1911 and 1911 A1
Auto Ordnance 1911 A1
Norinco 1911 A1
Caspian 1911 A1
Wilson 1996 A2
Colt Commander
LW Commander
Combat Commander
1991 A1 Commander
Detonics ServiceMaster
Colt Officers Model
LW Officers Model
1991 A1 Compact
Officers Model Enhanced
Springfield Armory Compact 1911 A1
LW Compact
Compact Mil-Spec
Springfield Armory Champion 1911 A1 Champion Mil-Spec
Safari Arms Matchmaster
Safari Arms Enforcer
Detonics ScoreMaster
Detonics CombatMaster
Caspian Hi-Cap
Strayer-Tripp-Voigt 2011
Para-Ordnance P-12(new hammer required)
Para-Ordnance P-13(new hammer required)
Para-Ordnance P-14(new hammer required)
Colt Gold Cup
AMT Hardballer
Colt Double Eagle

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