Wilson Combat Adjustable Rear Sight 1911 45 Auto Steel Lo-Mount Style


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Wilson Combat 428W

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Product Description

1911 Lo-mount Adjustable Rear Sight – Standard Blade

Material: Solid bar stock gun steel
Sight Notch Width: .128”
Sight Notch Depth: .090”
Sight Blade Height: .450”
Sight Blade Width: .760”

Smooth Precision 3/16” at 25 yards
Locks in windage and elevation adjustments
Unique mounting design
Requires simple cuts and no dovetails
Easily interchangeable sight blade for multiple applications

Each component part of the Wilson adjustable sight is precision CNC machined from solid bar stock gun steel, then hardened to provide maximum durability.

It only makes sense that you would want a set of adjustable sights to last the life of your 1911 Auto. This sight is produced by the same material and techniques as some of the world’s finest firearms. The result is a smooth precision 3/16” @ 25 yards. This click adjustment sight locks in your windage and elevation adjustments and requires simple cuts and no dovetails.

The unique mounting design results in a clean, sharp-looking installation. The standard blade is easily interchangeable for multiple applications.



The Wilson Combat #428 series Adjustable Sight is manufactured from high strength chrome-moly steel, hardened in all critical areas, with each component precision CNC machined from bar stock. The sight is black parkerized to provide a non-glare, crisp sight picture and features precision click adjustment. One (1) click equals approximately 3/16” (windage) and 3/8” (elevation) adjustment at 25 yards. The rear blade is fully interchangeable to accommodate different shooting requirements. Our unique mounting design results in a clean, sharp looking installation which requires simple cuts and no dovetails.


To install sight, machine the slide to the dimensions shown on drawing. Series `70 and `80, respectively.

CAUTION: Due to the series `80 firing pin lock, it is necessary to move the sight .130” further back, so be sure to determine whether you are working on a series `70 or `80 slide before starting any machining. Also, remove the firing pin and spring before any machining is done.

The pocket for the recoil lug is to be milled with a 3/8” (.375’) mill, approx. .068” deep. For proper installation, measure the width of the recoil lug (.378” ±.002”) and mill the pocket in the slide to the same width or slightly smaller and hand fit the lug until it fits the pocket snugly.

Also, measure the height of the recoil lug (.070” ± .002”) and mill the pocket to a depth of .001” - .002” less than the actual height. This will ensure that the lug bottoms out in the pocket when tightening the #8-32 fastening screw.

After milling the recoil lug pocket, lightly chamfer the edge of same.

The top of the firing pin stop should be trimmed until it is flush with the .140” cut in the slide.

Before permanently mounting sight, make sure that the fastening screw and elevation screw do not protrude into the firing pin channel. If needed, trim the screws slightly until there is no interference with the firing pin. After cold bluing all machined areas, thoroughly degrease the #8-32 threads on both the slide and the screw. Apply Loctite* thread locker to the screw and install sight. The two elevation springs are packaged separately so they will not be lost during installation.

Remove excess Loctite* from inside of the firing pin channel. Allow Loctite* to cure for 24 hours before using pistol.

If for some reason you need to disassemble the sight, always drive cross pin out toward the ejection port side.

NOTICE: This sight mounts in the popular low mount “melted” fashion and therefore is intended for use with commander style hammers. Spur type hammers may require slight trimming in order to clear the rear blade.

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