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DAC Technologies 106019

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Product Description

The Gunmaster 30-piece Universal Select Gun Cleaning Kit is made for shooters who have a different variety of caliber firearms. This kit is perfect for cleaning guns .22cal and larger. When not in use you can store the items in the attractive wood carry case.

The kit includes one set of solid brass rods, one universal handle, nine bore brushes, five cotton mops, one accessory adapter, three plastic slot tips for cleaning patches, five jags, one double-ended utility brush, one double-ended cleaning pick, and one box of 50 cleaning patches.

Kit Includes:

1 set of solid brass rods (3 rods)
1 universal handle
1 .22cal bore brush
1 .243cal bore brush
1 .30cal bore brush
1 .357/.38/9mm bore brush
1 .40cal bore brush
1 .45cal bore brush
1 12ga bore brush
1 20ga bore brush
1 410ga bore brush
1 .22cal cotton mop
1 .30cal cotton mop
1 12ga cotton mop
1 20ga cotton mop
1 410ga cotton mop
1 accessory adapter
3 plastic slot tips for patches
5 jags
1 double-ended utility brush
1 double-ended cleaning  pick
1 box of 50 cleaning patches

Dimensions: 11" x 8.75" x 1.25"

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