SW5SD AEG - Retractable Stock Auto Electric Airgun

SW5SD AEG - Retractable Stock Auto Electric Airgun

Item #: SDER004


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Specialized Distribution ER004

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Weight: 7.30 pounds
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Rapid fire full automatic soft air guns will also switch to semi auto mode. Holds 200 0.2g pellets (sold separately). Powered by a 9.6 volt battery (not included). Black metal body. Detachable magazine. Weight: 6 lbs Length: 30 /24 in. Caliber: 6mm (0.2g/0.25g) (Metallic/ABS/Paintball) Capacity: 200 BBs Action: Select Semi/Full Auto/Safe Velocity: 380 FPS (0.2g bb's) 355 FPS (0.25g bb's) Energy: 1.53 Joule (m/kg) Power: Small (9.6 volt) Battery & Charger Rate of Fire: 600/min.

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