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This standard forend is designed not to overlap the shotguns receiver when cycling the pump action. Eliminates material catching between forend and receiver.  Pebble grain grip for secure handling.  

Manufactured in the USA of DuPont Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer.  Easy removal and installation, however some minor modification may be required.

Fits most 12 Ga Mossberg 500/535/590/590M/835, Remington 870/870 DM, and the Winchester 1200/1300/SXP Shotguns.
*Will not fit the Maverick 88. 
*Mossberg forends require a 6 3/4" slide action tube.

The forend included in this package is compatible with: (1) Mossberg Shotguns with a removable forend, any Mossberg Shotgun newer than 2006 should be checked to insure that it has a removable forend. (2) Winchester Magazine Tubes with a Minimum Length of 6 ¼ Inches are Required for use of this Product.

Standard Shotgun Forend Installation Instructions

**Forends on the Maverick 88, the new Mossberg 500A, B, C, and the new Mossberg 835 cannot be replaced because the action bars are attached to the forend. Note: For use of this product of Winchester 1200 & 1300 shotguns, your magazine tube must be a minimum length of 6 ¼” long.

Step 1: Cycle the action once to make sure the hammer is not cocked. Next, engage the safety.

Step 2: Depress the slide release and pull the forend halfway back. Next, loosen the magazine cap and remove the barrel.

Step 3: Mossberg-Remove the trigger group retaining pin by tapping it out with a blunt pin no greater than 3/16” in diameter.
Winchester-Remove the trigger group retaining pin by tapping it out with a blunt pin no greater than ¼” in diameter.
Remington-Depress and hold the left shell stop.

Step 4: Mossberg-Place the shotgun upside down and pull out the trigger group by lifting up at the rear.
Winchester-Place the shotgun upside down and remove the retainer and trigger group pin.

Step 5: Mossberg-Remove the shell stop and the shell interrupter from the receiver.
Winchester-Place the shotgun in the upright position and pull the forend forward. Next, pull of the magazine tube.
Remington-In a forward motion slide the forend off the magazine tube. (The bolt and slide block will also be removed).

Step 6: Mossberg-Align the bolt slide with the cut out in the receiver by moving the forend and the action bars back and forth. Remove the bolt slide upward. Pull the forend and action bars forward and remove from the magazine tube.

Step 7: After removing the plastic bridges, assemble the forend to all models. Align the rear adapter to the forend tube first, then slide the pistol grip forend over the forend tube and onto the rear adapter. Align the front adapter to the front of the pistol grip forend and secure the assembly by tightening the castle nut over the front adapter.

Step 8: Mossberg-To reassemble, slide the forend back on the magazine tube and align the action bars with the openings in the receiver.
Winchester-Place the forend back on the magazine tube and replace the bolt in the action bar slots.
Remington-Slide the forend back on the magazine tube and replace the bolt and side block. Place the action bars into the receiver and pull in a backwards direction until it stops.

Step 9: Mossberg-Align the slots on the action bars with the slots on the bolt side and replace the bolt slide.
Winchester-Align action bars with openings in the receiver and pull the forend backwards.
Remington-Press the right shell stop. The forend with the bolt will slide further backwards and stop again. Press the left shell stop and the forend will travel fully to the rear.

Step 10: Mossberg-Replace both the shell interrupter and the shell stop.
Remington-Slide the forend forward approximately halfway and replace the barrel and magazine cap.

Step 11: Mossberg-Replace the trigger group and the pin.
Winchester-Turn the shotgun upside down and replace the trigger group and the retaining pin.



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