SKS Monte Carlo Sporting Stock - Black - ATI Outdoors


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ATI Outdoors SKS0300

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SKS Monte Carlo Sporting Stock - Black - ATI Outdoors
A classic replacement stock for your SKS rifle which is great for hunting and sport shooting.

Fits all SKS rifles including Russian SKS. Blade bayonet must be removed for installation.  No gunsmithing required. Some minor modification may be required.

Scratch resistant and virtually indestructible. The checkered pistol grip and forend improve control. Includes a sling swivel stud and raised cheekpiece with 3M Soft Touch cheekrest pad for improved comfort when shooting.
The Scorpion Recoil Pad reduces the challenge to reacquire the target by minimizing the muzzle lift.
Manufactured in the USA of DuPont extreme temperature glass reinforced polymer. 

SKS Monte Carlo Stock Installation Instructions
The ATI Strikeforce Stock will fit any of the SKS Models, including the 10 round, 30 round, and those models with 16” and 20” barrels. Please follow these instructions carefully to assemble the stock to your SKS. Some minor modifications may be necessary due to the many variations of the SKS. For most modifications, a rotary file tool or woodworking file will be the only tool necessary.

NOTICE: The SKS Strikeforce folding stock may be utilized on any SKS using folding stocks prior to November of 1990 or must have enough compliance parts to be legal as a folder; Assembly otherwise may be in violation of sec. 922(R). Note: Stock and Handguard are made in the USA and count towards compliance parts. NOTE: The blade bayonet MUST be removed, or serious hand injury could occur. Inspect the rifle, magazine, and chamber to be sure the rifle is not loaded.


Step 1: To remove the trigger assembly, first put the safety in the “on” position. Insert a pin punch or phillips head screwdriver into the spring latch catch at the rear of the trigger guard and press it inward firmly until the spring latch releases.

Step 2: The trigger assembly will now spring out, and can be removed from the stock by pulling, or prying outward on the rear of the receiver.

Step 3: The barrel action can now be removed by pulling outward and towards the rear.

Step 4: Remove the existing Gas Tube Assembly from your SKS. Use a screwdriver or punch from your SKS cleaning kit to raise the lever on the right side of the rear sight base. The dimple on the lever should stop at the end of the curved track on the right side of the rear sight base.
Note: Further movement will cause the operating rod and spring to shoot out of the action.

Step 5: With the lever in the position, you can now lift the gas tube assembly up and out of the gun. Pull upward at the rear of the gas tube assembly. This may require some careful prying with a screwdriver (Do not bend the gas tube). Next, remove the gas piston from the assembly by tipping it upside down. It will simply slide out.

Step 6: There is a small rivet running crosswise through the rear handguard cover in the gas tube assembly. The rivet may be difficult to see. The rivet has two ends, the head, and the shaft. Be sure to punch out from the shaft end. Remove this rivet by using a 1/16” punch or the “punch” provided in your cleaning kit. Eye protection is necessary.

Step 7: Once the rivet is removed, the rear sheet metal cover will slide off, as will the wooden handguard. If the rivet is damaged, a similar sized finished nail can be cut to length to serve as a replacement. To install the new handguard reverse steps 4 through 6.

Step 8: To assemble the new stock to the barreled action, reverse the disassembly process. Note that the stock is designed with a certain amount of “bow”, which guarantees a snug fit. Use of the original trigger group kick-out spring from the original wood stock is not necessary, nor recommended. Align the front of the stock to the front of the barreled action and bring the receiver down into place.

Step 9: If you have difficulty reinstalling the magazine, make certain that the stock is as far forward on the action as it will go. The bolt must be locked back for the magazine to be installed. Make certain that the magazine front locator is in its mating slot on the bottom of the rear sight base and install the magazine.

Step 10: To install the trigger group, place the barreled action/stock assembly inverted on a padded surface. Be sure the trigger group hammer is cocked, and that the safety is in the “on” position. Align the front of the trigger group into the stock, making certain that the trigger group cross pin goes into the locator lugs on the receiver bottom. Push the rear of the trigger group down until it stops.

Step 11: Push firmly down on the pistol grip and tap the trigger guard down and forward with a padded hammer if necessary. Check to make sure the trigger group is fully locked in place by moving the safety to the “off” position. If any unusual resistance is encountered, the trigger group is not fully latched. Tapping the trigger group downward while moving the safety lever to the “off” position usually completes the latching process.

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