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Advanced Technology SHS1300

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Product Description

Fits: Most 12, 16, and 20 Ga and .410 pump shotgun barrels. Heatshields should not be used on Mossberg Mariner or Remington Marine Coat Shotguns. This will only fit if the barrel lug is more than 13.5" from the receiver.

Steel formed shotgun heatshield. Elongated cooling slots allow quick dissipation of heat. Simply slide over barrel and secure with supplied hardware.  13.5" Long.

**Will not fit on ribbed barrels
**Will fit Mariner, but will scratch barrel

Standard Heatshield Installation Guide

Step 1: Begin by removing the barrel from the shotgun. Once removed widen the front clamp on the front of the heatshield 1/8” and slide the heatshield over the barrel and slide to the rear. Bend the rear tabs to clamp tightly onto the barrel using a cloth to prevent scratches on the heatshield.

Step 2: After reinstalling the barrel, slide the heatshield so that it touches the receiver, except on the Winchester which needs to be kept ½” from the receiver.

Step 3: Tighten the front clamp around the barrel.

Step 4: Install the provided (2) 6-32 x ¾” socket head cap screws and hex nuts and tighten securely.
Note: Slide the forend to check for any interference between the forend and the heatshield. File tabs or forend as required.



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