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Product Description

CAMCON Shemagh – Sand/Black

Material: 100% Cotton
Color: Sand/Black
Weight: 6 oz.
Dimensions: 44” x 44”

The Shemagh, also known as a keffiyeh, is a wrap-around head covering that is essential for protecting eyes, nose, mouth, and neck from sun, wind, and sand. Wrapping the scarf around the head and face provides optimal protection from the elements. Practical, simple piece of cloth used by the US Special Forces, Australian, British, Irish, and Thai.

Shemaghs can be used for protection, concealment, a towel, warmth, a bag, emergency bandage, arm sling, rope, water filter, keeping cool, and as a blanket.

Protection – essential for protecting eyes, nose, mouth, and neck from sun, wind, and sand.
Concealment – use to conceal your face or weapon
Towel – small, lightweight, fast drying, thick enough to get the job done
Warmth – wrap it around your neck as a scarf to keep warm
Bag – put gear or food in the middle and tie corners together
Emergency Bandage – help stop bleeding and protect the wound, can also be used as a tourniquet
Arm Sling – temporary immobilization
Rope – long enough to be rolled up to tie things together
Water Filter – fold multiple times and filter debris out of water before boiling
Keeping Cool – soak in cold water and wrap around your neck
Blanket – for covering your upper or lower body

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