Mec-Gar Ruger P85 89 93 94 95 PC9 9mm 17 Round Magazine - Nickel


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Ruger P85/P89/P93/P94/P95/PC9 9mm 17-Round Magazine - Nickel | Galati International

Ruger P85/P89/P93/P94/P95/PC9 9mm 17-Round Magazine - Nickel
Upgrade your Ruger P85, P89, P93, P94, P95, or PC9 with the Ruger P85/P89/P93/P94/P95/PC9 9mm 17-round magazine in nickel finish. Engineered for superior performance and increased capacity, this magazine is designed to deliver reliable feeding and seamless operation. With its enhanced capacity, you'll have more rounds at your disposal, giving you an edge in self-defense or shooting competitions.

Key Features:

1.   Reliable Performance: The Ruger P85/P89/P93/P94/P95/PC9 9mm 17-round magazine ensures consistent and reliable feeding, minimizing malfunctions and ensuring your firearm operates smoothly. Will fit all serial numbers.

2.   Increased Capacity: With a generous 17-round capacity, this magazine allows you to carry more ammunition, providing greater firepower and reducing the need for frequent reloads.

3.   Nickel Finish: The sleek and durable nickel finish not only adds an attractive aesthetic to your Ruger pistol but also provides enhanced resistance against corrosion and wear.

4.   Precision Engineering: Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this magazine is designed to meet Ruger's stringent standards for performance and reliability.

5.   Easy to Load: Featuring a user-friendly design, this magazine is easy to load, enabling quick and efficient reloading during high-pressure situations.

6.   Concealability: Flush-fit magazines are designed to fit flush with the grip of the pistol, reducing any protrusions or bulges. This makes the firearm easier to conceal, whether you’re carrying it for personal defense or in a concealed carry holster.

7.   Extended Shooting Sessions: With the increased capacity of flush fit magazines, you can enjoy extended shooting sessions without the need for frequent reloading. This is especially advantageous during range practice or competitions where continuous shooting is desired. The additional rounds in the magazine allow you to spend more time focusing on your shooting skills and less time interrupting your rhythm to reload. Flush Fit Increased Capacity Over Factory for this magazine is 2 rounds.

Why Choose the Ruger P85/P89/P93/P94/P95/PC9 9mm 17-Round Magazine:
Ruger is renowned for producing high-quality firearms and accessories, and this 17-round magazine is no exception. Designed specifically for the Ruger P-series and PC9, it offers seamless compatibility, superior performance, and increased capacity. With Ruger's commitment to excellence and Galati International's reputation for outstanding customer service, you can trust that you're making a reliable and informed choice.

Order Your Ruger P85/P89/P93/P94/P95/PC9 9mm 17-Round Magazine Today:
Enhance your Ruger P-series or PC9 with the Ruger P85/P89/P93/P94/P95/PC9 9mm 17-round magazine in a sleek nickel finish. Enjoy reliable performance, increased capacity, and improved shooting experience. Order now from Galati International and take your Ruger to the next level.

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