Mini-14 Muzzle Brake - Blued - John Masen Black Warrior

Mini-14 Muzzle Brake - Blued - John Masen Black Warrior

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John Masen 1403B

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Ruger Mini-14 Muzzle Brake that attaches to the end of the barrel via the longer front sight pin (provided), replaces the shorter factory front sight pin. The ports and slots in the Muzzle Brake reduce felt recoil, while giving the rifle a new look.

Fits Pre-2005 Mini-14's with Single Blade Front Sight Post.

Install by removing pin slide on muzzle brake and reinsert pin. They must fit tight.

This item is 4" and has a solid round pin.

Will not fit the Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle (no matter what series it is). Too tight. Can be reamed out using a mill or drill press with correct size reamer. This should not pose any degradation to the part.