USGI 5.56x45 Ranger Magazine Floorplate Replacement - 3 Pack - Black - Magpul

USGI 5.56x45 Ranger Magazine Floorplate Replacement - 3 Pack - Black - Magpul

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Magpul MAG020

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Product Description

The Magpul Ranger is a floorplate replacement for current issue USGI 30 round magazines that incorporates an integral loop, floorplate lock, and mag identifier. When installed on the base of a magazine, the Magpul Ranger provides unsurpassed speed and controllability during high stress, tactical magazine changes. Loop is made of pliable Santoprene overmolded onto a stainless steel plate. Patented design based upon the tried and true para-cord loops and duct-tape tabs currently in use with special warfare units worldwide.
Features: Allows for rapid and controlled magazine handling Finger loop provides a repeatable index for magazine removal from web gear Flexible material protects magazine base from impact This item cannot be exported from the United States of America. Unfortunately, this does include APO addresses due to ITAR restrictions.

Pack of 3
Platform: AR15, M4, M16
Fits: USGI 30-round aluminum magazines
*Will NOT fit the PMAG or EMAG

                USGI Ranger Plate Installation

CAUTION: Spring Under Pressure

Use care when performing installation as the magazine spring may eject and cause injury.

Step 1: Remove Existing Floor Plate

Using a 5.56x45 Dummy Round or small screwdriver, gently pry the floor plate up to disengage the catch while sliding the floor plate towards the rear of the magazine.

Step 2: Install Lock Plate

Install the included lock plate by setting it on top of the magazine spring with the bullet symbol facing the front of the magazine. Push the lock plate down, hold, and continue to the next step.

Step 3: Attach Ranger Plate

While depressing the lock plate, slide the ranger plate’s exposed metal tabs underneath the magazine body’s tabs. Once slid fully forward into place you should hear a click, indicating the lock plate is seated correctly.

Step 4:  Verify Installation

Make sure the lock plate is correctly seated. Perform final inspection including function check per US Army TM 05588C-10/1A (41-42) to verify correct installation.

NOTE: For best results it is not recommended to load a 30-round USGI magazine with more than 28 5.56x45 cartridges (.223 Remington) to ensure correct seating.

Attention: Check magazine function via live fire test prior to tactical deployment.

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