Portable Radioray Mobile SearchLight with Magnetic Shoe Base - Golight


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Golight 7951

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Product Description

Portable Radioray Mobile Light with Magnetic Shoe Base - Golight

RadioRay Searchlights from GoLight are durable, versatile, powerful lights that feature magnetic-mount and portable options. These UV ray and saltwater resistant lights produce 225,000 candle power at 5.5 amps.

Weatherproofed for land and sea applications, each light also includes its own waterproof wireless remote, 15-foot cord with 12v DC cigarette lighter plug, and suction cup with magnetic mount shoe. Radioray Searchlights feature 370-degree rotation x 135-degree tilt, as well as GoLight's exclusive CR5 Pentabeam Technology for maximum illumination.

Combining the revolutionary GoLight five-sided parabolic reflector with an axial filament Philips 9011 bulb, GoLight Cr5 Pentabeam Technology provides an exceptionally bright beam of light that eliminates dark spots and penetrates distances of up to one half mile. 

Technical Specs

Watts: 65
Voltage: 12V DC
Amps: 5.5
Lamp Type: Halogen
Candle Power: 225,000
Number of heads: 1
Vertical Axis Rotation: 135-degrees
Horizontal Axis Rotation: 370-degrees
Cable Length: 15 ft
Height: 7.5"
Width: 7"
Depth: 7"
Body Color: Black
Body Material: ABS Plastic
Maximum Beam Distance: 3113 ft

Using the Removable Magnetic Shoe Base. The GoLight slides on and off base of the light. When the shoe is installed, a spring-loaded button pops up locking the light into the base. The shoe base completely encapsulates the suction cup base.

When the base is removed, the light can be mounted using the suction cup and the locking lever on the side to activate the suction mount. The magnetic shoe has the holes in it to be permanently mounted as well.

Small bar magnets are imbedded in the shoe base and covered with rubber. Magnetic base offers 40 pounds of magnetic grip. This is suitable for temporary positioning on vehicles, but not appropriate for moving vehicles.

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