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Galati Gear M-66

UPC: 753182477770
Weight: 1.45 pounds

Product Description

Universal Fabric Musket Sleeves for Kentucky rifles and muskets up to 66" Long. Assorted Earthtone Colors.
Sleeve String Tie Cases.
Dimensions: 56" x 7"

Perfect for extended firearms up to 66" long including:
Kentucky Rifles
Southern Mountain Rifles
Colonial Rifles
And any other firearm not over 66" in length and 7" in height.

Perfect for storage and carry.
Features a tie down secure to secure the firearm.
Constructed from a sturdy industrial grade fabric on the outside with a plush, soft lining on the inside with ample 3/8" padding.
Plush inside soft lining so will not scratch.
Great for safes and traveling.
Earthtone colors (Mixed).

Made in the USA.
Two Year Warranty

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