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Cammenga DC556M

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Product Description

Protect your 5.56 .223 Rifle magazines with a Dust Cover.

Material: Durable Rubber
Color: Black
Fits: 5.56 magazines (M16/M4/AR-15)

Increase the life of your firearm by reducing malfunction like jamming. Cammenga's magazine dust covers block dust, dirt and other problem causing contaminants.

They are manufactured from a durable rubber compound impervious to ozone, water, acids, bases, grease, salts, seawater, oil, fuel, and alcohol.

Dust covers provide excellent resistance against abrasions, cuts, tears, deformation, and flames. They are capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -20° Fahrenheit to 250° Fahrenheit.

These products are proudly made with the highest quality in the USA.

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