Ka-Bar Micarta Becker Necker Handle Set - Kabar Knives


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Kabar BK11HNDL

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Product Description

Ka-Bar's Micarta Becker Handle Set for Becker Neckers - Kabar

Handle Material: Micarta
Handle Color: Green Canvas

**Allen wrench size 7/64 required to add/remove handles

KA-BAR, formally KA-BAR Knives, Inc. manufactures high quality military, hunting, sporting, and all-purpose utility, and outdoor survival knives.

These attractive green canvas Micarta handles will fit the Becker Necker BK11. 

Micarta is made from burlap, linen, or canvas rather than glass. The laminate layers are glued with a phenolic resin, compressed with heath and becomes a hard material, commonly found in many types of kitchen knives. It is strong and durable and used for heavy-duty survival knives. It tolerates extreme heat and cold, resists moisture, and does not become brittle over time.

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