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Shotforce H&R NEF Stock Package - ATI Outdoors
Upgrade your H&R/NEF with the Shotforce Stock Package from Advanced Technology.

Shotforce product line fits H&R and NEF single shot rifles and shotguns including:
H&R Topper
NEF Pardner 12, 16, 20, .410 and all variants
H&R Ultra
NEF Handi-Rifle calibers .22 Hornet through 30-06 and all variants
Also fits NEF Huntsman and Sidekick muzzleloaders
**Does not fit the H&R Pardner Pump or Youth model firearms

The collapsible, six position Shotforce Buttstock with Pistol Grip and forend combo is patterned after the AR-15 CAR style assault rifle. Constructed frin matte black, DuPont reinforced polymer. Lifetime Warranty. 

California compliant.. Perfect for home defense, compact carry and ideal for use with heavy clothing or body armor. Includes matching mil-spec AR-15 forend. Equipped with a front sling swivel stud to allow use of a sling or bipod.

Shotforce H&R/NEF Stock Installation Instructions

1: Grip/Tube Installation to Receiver

After removing the original stock and forend, begin by aligning the grip and tube to the receiver. Next, using the provided bolt and the appropriate socket wrench, tighten the grip to the receiver.

2: Stock Sub-Assembly to Tube Installation

To install the buttstock onto the tube, begin by grabbing the adjustment lever with your thumb and index finger and pulling down. While holding the adjustment lever down, begin to slide the stock onto the tube until seated.

3: Forend Installation

To install the Shotforce, begin by aligning the rear of the forend with the front of the receiver and then pivoting the forend upwards until seated. Using the provided screw and a phillips head screwdriver secure the forend to the barrel.

To install the sling stud, choose which hole on the bottom of the forend you would like to install it to and using an open face wrench tighten until fully seated.


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