Universal 3 Pin Guns Extended Slide Stop - Lone Wolf

Universal 3 Pin Guns Extended Slide Stop - Lone Wolf

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Lone Wolf LWD-7496

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Product Description

The extended slide stop from Lone Wolf is an upgrade over the OEM slide stop. The extended slide stop is now more durable and robust. Guaranteed not to fail after repeated use, install this upgrade to make your slide lock reload faster. The stop is electrocoated, meaning it has a very uniform coating thickness without porosity. Since it is electrically bonded it does not chip like a painted item would.

Installing this slide stop instantly converts your Glock pistol from a slide stop to a "slide release." You will notice the first time you hit the lever that reloading is faster and changing magazines is now a smooth operation. These are perfect for recreational shooter, self-defense, and the serious competitors who have the need for speed the Extended Slide Stop from Lone Wolf delivers.

Slide stop is easy to install or remove and fits all 3 pin guns (trigger pin, locking block pin, & trigger housing pin) except M/36, 37, 38, 39, 42, and 43. It WILL fit Gen4 guns. Also fits early G19 two pin guns. May be marked 2912,2912-2, or 2912-3.

Will NOT fit early 2 pin models M17, 17L, & 34

M/36 owners must use a modified LWD-7496 (LWD-7496-36)

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