USGI 5.56x45 Replacement Enhanced Self-Leveling Follower - 3 Pack - Green - Magpul

USGI 5.56x45 Replacement Enhanced Self-Leveling Follower - 3 Pack - Green - Magpul

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Magpul MAG110

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Product Description

The Magpul Enhanced Self-Leveling Follower (ESLF) is a drop in replacement for the current issue USGI 30 round magazine follower. Enhanced design features a patent pending 4-way anti-tilt design made from non-hydroscopic and self-lubricating polymer.
Made in U.S.A.

Pack of 3
Material: non-hydroscopic and self-lubricating polymer
Color: Foliage Green
Platform: AR15, M4, M16
*NOTE: Will not fit the latest generation USGI spring that is utilized with the tan or blue (EPM) follower. Also not optimized for thin-walled steel bodied magazines.

Enhanced Self-Leveling Follower (ESLF) Installation

CAUTION: Spring Under Pressure

Use care when performing installation as the magazine spring may eject and cause injury.

Step 1:  Remove Floorplate

Remove floor plate from magazine by gently prying up to disengage the floorplate, then slide the floorplate rearward off the back of the magazine body.

Step 2:  Remove Old Follower

Remove original follower and spring from magazine body, then detach follower from spring.

Step 3:  Attach ESLF

Attach ESLF to original magazine spring by aligning the spring tab to the follower loop and twisting parts together.

Step 4:  Drop ESLF and spring back into magazine body and reinstall floorplate. 

Attention: Check magazine function via live fire test prior to tactical deployment.

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