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Buffer Technologies recoil buffers are used to reduce parts wear and recoil of your firearms. These polymer recoil buffers prevent the metal-on-metal impact of a bolt or slide from impacting the frame while firing. They are made from Estane 58130, which is not affected by common firearm cleaners, making them last for hundreds of rounds.

The FN/FAL Recoil Buffer fits in the rear of the upper receiver, preventing the bolt carrier from impacting the lower receiver. The Recoil Buffer fits in all Standard and Para rifle configurations, both metric and inch pattern. Installation takes less than a minute and can be done without any tools.

Look at the lower receiver of any FN/FAL that has been shot just a few times. You will see an outline of the bolt carrier where it has impacted the receiver. When you install a FN/FAL Recoil Buffer you will eliminate any contact of the bolt carrier with the lower receiver.

With the FN/FAL Recoil Buffer installed you'll have less felt recoil, more muzzle stability, less action noise, and extend the service of your weapon.

Installation instructions of FN/FAL-L1A1 recoil buffer
1. Make sure firearm is unloaded.  Break rifle down by operation disassembly lever, upper and lower receivers will pivot apart.
2. Insert recoil buffer over rear of upper receiver with two tabs pointing under receiver, toward barrel. Make sure that the buffer is pushed fully towards barrel, till it is flush with the rear of receiver.
3. Close rifle, maling sure that the rat tail is at bottom of slot in buffer. If needed use small screwdriver to hold rat tail down while closing rifle.

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