Mec-Gar CZ 75B 85B SP-01 .40 Cal. 14 Round Magazine - Black


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Mec-Gar MGCZ4014DPS

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Product Description

CZ 75B/85B/SP-01 .40 SW 14-Round Magazine with DPS Floor Plate - Mec-Gar | Galati International

Key Specifications:

  • Caliber: .40 Cal.
  • Capacity: 14 rounds
  • Finish: Black Anti-Friction
  • Material: Steel
  • Floorplate Type: Extended
  • Floorplate Material: Polymer
  • Floorplate Color: Black
  • Fits: CZ 75B, 85B, SP-01, Shadow, and Shadow 2

Discover the CZ 75B/85B/SP-01 .40 SW 14-Round Magazine with DPS Floor Plate by Mec-Gar, now available at Galati International. Designed to deliver outstanding performance and reliability, this magazine is the perfect accessory for your CZ 75B, 85B, or SP-01 pistol.

When it comes to magazines, reliability is paramount, and Mec-Gar is a trusted name known for producing top-quality magazines for firearms enthusiasts worldwide. This 14-round magazine is built to meet the stringent standards set by CZ and Mec-Gar, ensuring flawless feeding and consistent functionality.

The DPS (Drop Protection System) floor plate offers an additional layer of protection and durability to your magazine, minimizing the risk of damage during accidental drops or impacts. Engineered with precision, it reinforces the magazine's structural integrity, guaranteeing reliable performance even in challenging shooting conditions.

Key Features:

1.   High capacity: With a capacity of 14 rounds, this magazine allows you to spend more time shooting and less time reloading. It provides ample ammunition for various shooting applications, from range sessions to self-defense scenarios.

2.   Reliable feeding: Mec-Gar magazines are renowned for their flawless feeding and consistent performance. Each round chambers smoothly, minimizing malfunctions and ensuring a seamless shooting experience.

3.   DPS floor plate: The included DPS floor plate adds an extra level of protection to your magazine, safeguarding it against accidental drops or impacts. It enhances the magazine's resilience and ensures reliable functionality in any situation.

4.   Durable construction: Constructed from high-quality materials, this magazine is designed to withstand regular use and endure the test of time. It offers exceptional resistance to wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance.

5.   Compatibility with CZ 75B/85B/SP-01: This magazine is specifically designed to fit the CZ 75B, 85B, and SP-01 pistols, guaranteeing a secure and precise fit. It is engineered to seamlessly integrate with your firearm, providing optimal performance.

Elevate your shooting experience with the CZ 75B/85B/SP-01 .40 SW 14-Round Magazine with DPS Floor Plate by Mec-Gar, available exclusively at Galati International. Whether you're a competitive shooter or a firearms enthusiast, this magazine offers reliability, durability, and enhanced functionality for your CZ pistol.

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