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Hi Viz PM1002

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Product Description

The HiViz CompSight has become the standard for competitive shotgun shooters and is the choice of national and Olympic champions. The original CompSight design features an all-steel base and interchangeable LitePipes. It includes multiple diameters of LitePipes in green, orange, red, and white along with a LitePipe storage/changing key.

The CompSight fits most vent-ribbed shotguns with removable front bead. Sight includes five screws in varying thread sizes to fit nearly any shotgun (3-56"; 5-40"; 6-48"; 3mm x .5; 3mm x .6). LitePipes included are 4 green, 3 red, and 1 white.

The CompSight utilize a low-profile steel base that accommodates any one of three red or four green interchangeable LitePipes in .090", .105", .120" and .135" diameters and one white "bead". 

Replacement LitePipes: LP-CP

PM1002 Screw-Attach Sight fits the following Brand Models:

Beretta: 686, 687 models with narrow rib, AL390, AL304, AL39 field, AL391 Urika field, A300, A400 Xplor field models, SV10 Perennia, T & ST rib, Pintail Auto, Silver Pigeon Skeet, 682 Sporting and Gold Skeet 682 Trap, Gold Trap, Silver Pigeon Trap, 687 Diamond Pigeon Trap Gold, Onyx and Diamond Pigeon Sporting Models.

Benelli: Super Black Eagle I, II, III, M2 Field, Nova, Super Nova all 12 ga, Models with vent rib, M2 Field, Vinci, Super Vinci, and all models in 20ga with vent rib Cordoba, Super Sport, Sport II, Legacy, 828U, Ultralight all models in 12 and 20 ga.

Browning: Gold, Silver, Maxus field models, 28 ga. and 410 ga., Citori, Citori Satin Hunter 20ga., 625 Sporting 20, 28, 410 ga., Cynery 20, 28 410 ga. 725 Field. New A5 Auto BPS all models, Gold 10 ga., Cynergy 12 ga., Citori White Lightning, Cynergy Field 12 ga., Original A-5 Auto-Due to the reciprocating barrel on the A-5 a screw-attach sight is recommended on all models, BT99, Cynergy CZ, Citori Micro, Citori Grade VII.

CZ-USA: Over Under shotguns Redhead, Canvasback, Woodcock, Mallard (all models), Side by Side Ringneck and Bobwhite (all models).

Krieghoff: All Models

Mossberg: 500, 535, 835, 935, 930, 505 Youth models with vent rib

Perazzi: All Models

Remington: 870 Wing Master, 1100 field models with vent rib and Versa Max

Ruger: Red Label (all models)

SKB: All Models

Stoeger: M3500, M3000, M3020, P3000, P350

Winchester: SX4, SX3, SXP Field, SX2, 1200, 1300, 1400

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