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ProForce 31150

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Product Description

NDUR Survival Tin 

Contents include:
Fishing kit
Waterproof survival instructions
25 wind and waterproof matches
Sewing kit
Multi use flexible wire saw with split rings (can be used as a bow saw or snare wire)
Water tablets
Safety pins
Fire lighting flint and striker
Multifunctional knife with fold out scissors

An essential kit for every adventurer. Originally designed for the British SAS (Special Air Service).

An emergency kit and survival kit are not the same thing. A survival kit is designed to assist you in the short duration of time it takes for you to get help in the event you become disoriented and isolated in a non-urbanized environment.

The goal is to survive in the elements until help arrives. The survival tin has everything you need in this situation.

Contents are tightly packed in a useful metal tin. Made in England, assembled in the USA.
– Contents may vary

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