1911A1 Style Rear Adjustable Sight - White Twin Dot - TPU LPA Sights


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LPA Sights TPU45CT30

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Product Description

1911A1 – Gov’t Mil Spec Rear Adjustable Sight – White Two Dot – LPA Sights

Sight: Rear
Adjustable: Yes
Material: Steel
Markings: White Two Dot
Fits: 1911-A1 Style

**Will NOT work on Novak dovetails, Taurus PT1911 with BO Mar Cut (Brazil), 1911 Super 38, GSG, Rock Island Armory (Armscor) 1911 A1, and Tisaf 1911 from Turkey.

**WILL fit a National match gold cup If the gun has a .080 front sight width. If customer has a .120 front sight width needs to use the series 70, 80, 90 sight.

This is a rear fully adjustable sight, white two dot, for the Colt Pistol Model 1911-A1 style pistols and clones. This sight sits "Low Profile" and made to work with the original front sight on the pistol. The dovetail base width is approximately .330" on this series of sights. If this base is wide for your dovetail, you will need the 1911 70, 80, 90 series version which is smaller at approximately .322". This sight uses the original Colt stock front sight and sits low profile when mounted. Additional wrenches are included in the package.

These are top quality LPA brand sights made in Italy. The rear sight is fully adjustable, for elevation and windage, so you may adjust it in any way for your liking to correct your pistols point of impact. The sight set is made of steel construction, not plastic. These sights use the original dovetails/slots on the pistol slide. These are the best sights on the market today to improve your pistols sighting.

Important Information about Sights: 1. You must choose the correct sight for your pistol model to ensure proper fit. 2. Generally, due to tolerance in sight dovetails, you will have to fit the sights. 3. Fitting is generally completed with an appropriate file, and file to a friction fit. 4. If you are not good with hand tools or do not understand how to properly fit a sight, YOU should consult a gunsmith.

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