Carcano 91 LR & 91 24 Carbine Scope Mount - S&K Scope Mounts

Carcano 91 LR & 91 24 Carbine Scope Mount - S&K Scope Mounts

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S&K C9124

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Product Description

Carcano 91 Long Rifle and 91/24 Carbine Scope Mount from S&K.
This mount will fit he Carcano 1891 Calvery Carbine, the Carcano 1891 T.S. Troupe Special amd a some of the Carcano 91/28’s with the orgional short carbine sight. 

No drilling, tapping or major alteration. Guaranteed to hold zero. Can be removed and reinstalled easily. Made in the USA of top grade military allan aircraft aluminum. Use Weaver type rings (not included).  

Scope mount measures 5/8 x 1 x 4-3/8
It is made from 6061 aluminum & black anodized 

The top has 10 picatinny slots to mount a red dot or a short LER or pistol scope.

1. First you remove the rear sight by removing the two screwdriver slotted screws from the right side of the rear sight.
    a. If they are extremely tight, you might have to put heat on the threaded part of the screws, on the left side.
2. After removing the screws you need to pry the rear sight up as it lifts up off a lug that the screw you removed goes through.
    a.If lifting the sight becomes difficult you should remove wood from the receiver & barrel then you can pry the rear sight up easier.
3. After you have the rear sight off, the pockets in the bottom of the S&K mount will fit down over the two mounting lugs on the rifle.
4. Install the two 6-21 x 7/8 socket head cap screws into the counter bored holes on the left side of the mount using a 7/64 hex wrench.
5. Screw them in until they are just snug.
6. Install the four 8-32 x 3/16 socket set screws into the two front and two rear holes PART WAY using a 5/64 hex wrench.

*Use caution not to cross thread these screws as the holes are on an angle.

7. At the rear, screw one of the 8-32 screws in until it has some resistance & back it out 1 turn.
8. Do the same with the opposite side.
9. Now, turn these two screws in equally until they are very lightly tightened.
10. The front of the mount should move from side to side easily. If it doesn't, loosen one of the back two screws.

11. At the front of the mount find what you believe to be the center of the side to side movement
12. With one hand hold the mount in place & snug the two front 8-32 screws until you feel a slight resistance.
13. Use a collimator to sight the scope in or remove the bolt and bore sight.
14. By loosening one of the two 8-32 screws holding onto the short end of the hex wrench so you can't over tighten.

*Check to make sure you didn't move off center.

15. Now install the two 10-32 x 3/16 socket set screws using a 3/32 hex wrench and tighten by holding the short end of the hex wrench.
16. Do your final windage & elevation adjustments with the turrets on the scope

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