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Gun-Guides Browning Buck Mark and Challenger 22 Pistol Series – Gun Guides

Easy to use -- Comb binding lies open and flat on your work surface.

16 pages & 20 + high-resolution grayscale images.

Cardstock cover. Bright white paper.

The only current printed manual for the Browning Buck Mark & Challenger Pistols!

Guide includes an Introduction, Disassembly, Reassembly Tips, Date of Manufacturer Codes 1985 ~ Current.



Brief History of the Browning Buck Mark 22

1914 John M Browning invents the Colt Woodsman or Colt .22

1969 Bruce Browning produces the Browning Nomad .22

1976 Introduction of the Challenger. Later, the Challengers II and III are developed.

1985 Buck Mark 22 Pistol. Made in the USA.

1987 Grade VI Semi-Auto 22. Buck Mark Plus, Silhouette and Varmint models added.

1991 New Buck Mark pistols include Standard Nickel, 5.5 Gold, 5.5 Field and Unlimited Match.

1992 Buck Mark Micro Standard Nickel, Buck Mark Micro Plus and Buck Mark Micro Standard added to the line.

1996 Buck Mark Plus Nickel, Micro Plus Nickel, Bullseye with rose wood grips, Bullseye with rubber grips.

1999 Buck Mark pistol offered in two new models, Challenge and Micro Challenge.

2003 Browning celebrates 125 years. Commemorative Buck Marks.

2005 Buck Mark Camper and Standard Stainless offer a stainless-steel tapered bull or flat-sided bull 5 1/2” barrel. They have a matte finished slide. New Cocabolo grips adorn the Buck Mark 5.5 Target and 5.5 Field models.

2006 New models include URX , UDX, MicroBull, Damascus and Bullseye Target Stainless.

Safety First

Exploded Parts Diagrams (2 pages – 73 Parts)

Sight Base & Hoods
Firing Pin Assembly (Pre/Post 2001)
Magazine Latch
Disconnector and Spring Mag & Disconnector
Latch (Post 2005)
Stop Open Latch
Hammer Spring
Safety Click Plate
Hammer & Pivot Pin
Safety Assembly
Sear and Spring
Sear Spring Pin
Disconnector Pin
Magazine Latch and Trigger Pin
Magazine Ejector Pin and Spring

Reassembly Tips

Date of Manufacturer Codes 1985 ~ Current

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