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Thermold BREAUX

UPC: 735345002944
Weight: 2.00 pounds

Product Description

Breaux Target Bottle Targets are a totally new concept in reactive targets and target materials. Bottle Targets are molded from Riceylene, an organic material derived from rice, that is easily penetrated by rimfire and centerfire ammunition* yet doesn't shatter. Each bottle target can be shot many times.  Made in the USA.

**Do not use AirSoft guns, BB guns, and Pellet guns with this target. Ricochet possible.

Features: 3-Pack
• Durable — Reuse Many Times!
• High Visibility Blaze Orange Color
• No Sharp Fragments or other Debris to Pick Up After Shooting
• Bullseye Sticker on each Bottle Target gives you an Aiming Point
• Hole in Top for Hanging
• Cordage for Hanging Included (3' for each bottle)

Bottle Height:  8.5"
Bottle Diameter:  2.5"
Base Flange Diameter:  3.25"
Color:  Blaze Orange 

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